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Rodney Burrell, Editor-in-Chief

Rodney Burrell is a seasoned veteran of the publishing industry and brings a sincere approach to the editorial integrity of LOCALpittsburgh. His “reader first” philosophy takes him on various journeys to find hard-hitting and relevant stories for the people of Pittsburgh. A self-admitted publishing purist, Burrell is determined to create narratives that count, and is a firm believer that editorial should always lead the charge in any legitimate magazine.

Burrell began writing poetry at the age of 13, and was published at 14. He got his start in the magazine business in Florida as an Associate Editor for a luxury automotive magazine, Makes and Models. He started testing automobiles and eventually parlayed into all motorsports, testing vehicles for Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Bombardier, Honda, Ducati, Spyker, GM, Ford, Lotus, Chrysler, and various other manufacturers.

At 24, he left the publication and moved to New York to start a magazine geared towards young business professionals called VICI (Latin for I Conquered). The publication was sold off two years later. After the closing of the magazine, and armed with the knowledge of practices that lead to success and failure, Burrell launched BMG Publishing, a niche publishing group and magazine consulting firm where he helped various new and established publishers to create magazines or revitalize old publications.

BMG Publishing currently publishes 8 niche magazines in online and print formats.

In addition to BMG publishing and LOCALpittsburgh, Burrell serves as the Editor-in-Chief for LOCALarts, LOCALcollege magazine. Burrell is an advocate in Pittsburgh’s theater community, the founder of Sparque, a cultural awareness initiative, and is an avid tennis player, cyclist, gym rat, cookie eater, and superhero fanatic.

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