#LOCALartIS Cara Livorio


Native to Pittsburgh, Cara Livorio is a professional artist and designer known for exquisite murals, paintings, design work, and portraits over the past 10 years.

Before residing back in Pittsburgh, Livorio received a B.F.A. in Painting and Drawing & a minor in Art History with master studies in Visual Art and Curatorship, studying both in the US and in Milan, Italy. During her time in Milan, she painted murals and taught art and art history in a private Italian school. 

Once she returned to Pittsburgh in 2011, she found herself wanting to pursue her ambitions. She taught art at local art centers, private lesson, and also worked at the education department at The Andy Warhol Museum.

Livorio’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in Italy and also resides in private collections throughout the United States and in Europe.  Truly a painter, her work centers around the color and tactual physicality of the paint. Her current series is inspired by a love of nature and a desire to capture something that is already perfect in its design, yet she elevates it to an expression of color, form and texture that is dynamic and raw.

Livorio now owns an art studio and creative space, Artissima. The first floor is dedicated to youth and adult art and Italian lessons, while her studio resides above. Artissima also hosts summer camps, workshops, birthday parties, private and special events.

Cara is a producer of the “Collective Legacy Project,” which is an online archive that is dedicated to preserving the stories of past generations in an effort to share their experiences and storytelling with the world.

To see Livorio’s design and artwork, be sure to check our her website.