LOCALartIs: Travis Mitzel


Travis Mitzel is an engaging conceptual artist working with several mediums. His ability to capture the oddly uncomfortable is paramount. Working through sculpture and film, he emotes a visceral view that makes me feel weird inside, however, his ability to laugh at himself and in some cases the absurdity of the world, makes for some really powerful pieces of work.

“An example of this would be my series, These Shirts Are Too Small. For this series I wanted to visualize underlying anxiety, to do this I put myself into shirts that don’t fit as it is one of my least favorite feelings I then photograph the results of multiple shirts on set,” said Miztel.

It’s not all tight shirts and frogs, Mitzel is a sought after commercial photographer, working with the likes of RedBull, Sony, American Eagle, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. He (and his photo) was also the recipient of the Art Purchase Award in AAP’s 105th annual show.

For more information on Mitzel’s work, visit travismitzel.com