Digging Deep with RAW

Time Cornwall And Acorn

A noisy dance floor full of hand-selected artists filled the second and third floor of Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale for the Oct. 1st RAW event. With performing artists through out the night, local visual artists, photographers, hair stylists, accessory and

Fashion designers got the chance to showcase their work in the one night multi genre show.

There was a wide selection of visual art and photography set up throughout the main room, marble room (free cupcake central), second floor and balcony. Trevor Tocchet’s photography of famous Pittsburgh structures are easy to say impressive, especially for a 15 year-old high school student who received his camera only a year ago for his 14th birthday.

The event for few became a family affair, with Tim Cornwall and his daughter Acorn (Ashley) set up next to one another. Cornwall’s watercolor paintings of notable figures like Abe Lincoln sat next to his industrial found object work like Metal Man. His daughter Acorn takes much of her inspiration from her father’s earlier landscape work, putting her own modern, trippy twist on the mountains of Colorado that she once called home.

“We want to inspire one another but also be able to do it on our own, without this symbiotic relationship that we have,” said Acorn.

Performances by Jameena Middle Eastern Dance, the Annajames Band, The Misfits, kept the crowd locked in, with Spacefish and DJ Keeb$ smashing the final sets.

RAW closed out the night by providing their artists with free headshots, just another tool that the artists can use to gain the exposure they need to carry on with their work.