Be a Hero, Foster a Pet

Bull City Dogs/ Flickr

Thinking about adopting a pet but not sure if you’re ready for the commitment? Consider fostering one (or more) of the many animals in need of a home at Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center (ARL).

ARL/ Facebook
ARL/ Facebook

Raccoons, cats, rabbits, porcupines and dogs are just a few of the many species you’ll find at this all inclusive local shelter. With an open door policy, ARL brings in 10,000 animals annually which results in a surplus of furry friends in need of a temporary home.

The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center has been supplying critical services to the Pittsburgh animal population for more than a century. ARL provides veterinary services, humane wild animal control, adoption services, and treatment for abandoned and displaced animals.

Last year ARL found homes for over 7,000 companion animals and provided medical care for 2,700 injured wildlife.

In the entire Pittsburgh region ARL is the only shelter that welcomes and cares for both wild and companion animals, many of which have previously been turned down by other shelters in the area.

Community donations and volunteers are crucial to ARL’s success and ability to take in any animal in need. Find out more about their Foster a Pet program and other volunteer opportunities today.