Local Businesses Striving To Be Green

Photo courtesy of East End Food Co-op

Many companies in Pittsburgh, both large corporations and small businesses, are trying to reduce their waste while coming up with new ways to reuse recyclable materials. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) provides certifications, composting resources, and new ways to provide a cleaner work and urban environment, making these businesses stand out. LOCAL found some businesses in the area that make going green easier for its customers and employees.

Steel City Soils/ Facebook
Steel City Soils/ Facebook

Steel City Soils

Steel City Soils works with restaurants and shops around the city to provide organic compost for its customers by partnering to use their food and yard waste. This helps other small businesses reduce their environmental footprints while improving soil for urban farming. They also offer soil testing and will provide soil in exchange for labor.


Highmark is another LEED certified company that uses recycled materials in its buildings and décor. Landscaping with local flora reduces water runoff while rainwater collected underneath the structures is used to cool their buildings. Their green roof provides a way to manage rainwater while acting as year-round insulation that helps heat and cool the building and decrease their energy output.

Photo via Pittsburghjuicecompany.com

The Pittsburgh Juice Company

PJC uses organic fruits and vegetables in their juices; sourcing local produce when it is in season. Organic food waste is then donated to farmers and individuals for composting. The 100% vegan juices have a lower environmental impact while the glass bottles are recyclable and reusable, providing customers with a credit upon return.

PNC Bank

PNC has built more LEED constructed buildings than any other company in the world, including the world’s greenest skyscraper. They recycle all discarded paper and electronics. The corporate locations even compost food wastes while much of their decore includes recycled tires and other materials as well as eco-friendly lights.


Photo courtesy of East End Food Co-op
Photo courtesy of East End Food Co-op

East End Food Co-op

The East End Food Co-op sells mainly local, organic, and sustainable products to reduce environmental impact. They also sort all of the waste they produce between recycling, landfill, and compost. The Co-op donates unsellable but perfectly good produce to the 412 Food Rescue, gives credits for reusable bags, sells many products in bulk, and is a Bronze-level Bike Friendly business.

PITT OHIO/ Facebook
PITT OHIO/ Facebook


PITT OHIO is another company with LEED certified buildings. The transportation giant builds with geothermal heating and cooling, and has incorporated water and bioswales in the parking lots to produce clean runoff water. Many of the company’s locations have solar fields and panels and use recycled building materials. Updating with new equipment and switching to electric forklifts has reduced their carbon footprint.