Rebuilding the Lives of Immigrants and Refugees in Pittsburgh


Resettle and rebuild. These two words capture the heart of the Immigrants and Refugees program facilitated by the Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Pittsburgh (JFCSpgh).

The recent Syrian refugee crisis has left the United States split and, closer to home, Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto has come under fire for his choice to enforce an “open arms” policy in welcoming refugees to our city.

It’s not going to just go away. The idea that the United States or other countries would walk away from this world effort, I don’t think is possible to do at this point.”-Bill Peduto

JFCspgh recognizes the difficulties associated with being displaced from one’s home and offer a variety of services for refugees and immigrants alike to ease the transition. This program offers the tools needed to successfully resettle and attain financial stability for individuals that are likely being separated from their extensive family, experiencing language and cultural barriers, and coming to America for the first time.

Many of the people who have come to our country for refuge are fleeing persecution and threats of death based purely on race, religion, nationality or political views. It is JFCspgh’s mission to welcome these families and individuals into our community by offering career development, legal services, citizenship (naturalization), and taxpayer assistance.

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