Seminar Hopes to Help Introduce People to Cryptocurrency

Event Poster for the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Seminar in North Versailles. Submitted by Jonathan Brown.

Jonathan Chris Brown, a behavior support specialist and pastor, switched from buying stocks to cryptocurrency a year and a half ago because of the government’s influx of cash in relief and inflation due to COVID-19.

“I recognized an opportunity, and I believe that this is how the word will go,” said Brown. “I started looking into cryptocurrencies and purchasing a little here and there.”

This Saturday, he is hosting his first seminar on cryptocurrency at the Mount Zion Family Worship Center in North Versailles at 10 AM.

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite, through CashApp, and at the door if available seating.

His goal is to help people that have heard about the phenomenon and don’t know where to start.

Brown’s journey through cryptocurrency started at the end of 2020. Studying and learning about the blockchain intrigued him. He described it as technical and like learning a foreign language.

“I began listening to the YouTubers, experts, and people who knew way more than I knew,” said Brown. “There are things that I didn’t understand at first, and I began to piece it all together like a big puzzle.”

His first purchases of cryptocurrency were Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Cordero. He would start investing small, putting 10 or 20 dollars into the currencies.

He was being cautious in his first five months in cryptocurrency. Being a man of faith, Brown felt guided by God to commit fully to crypto and move his money out of his accounts.

It’s been a successful venture for him so far. He believes he will be a multimillionaire, financially dependent solely on cryptocurrency in the next year or two.

“I feel like I’m sitting on a goldmine,” said Brown. I feel obligated to [hold this seminar]. I don’t want to have people I know claim I didn’t tell them about this.”

Brown’s seminar will talk about the financial reset, managing a digital wallet, and what cryptocurrencies to buy.

“I believe I have a nice understanding of where to start,” said Brown. “What coins the experts are talking about, the global elites are looking at, and the ones God is saying you should invest in.”

Bitcoin will be another topic of discussion, but Brown will also talk about alt-coins that could surpass bitcoin as cryptocurrency’s leader.

He points to coins with high “utility” or ethics like Cordano, a cryptocurrency used to help African Nations that don’t have a bank system for their citizens.

“It’s solving one of the greatest problems the world has,” said Brown. Cordano is creating an opportunity for them to get paid and working with nations for their people to have banking accounts.”

In March, a woman from Clairton was schemed out of her money in a cryptocurrency scam. The seminar will also go over how to avoid scammers.

“All you need to do is just not be paying attention [and you’ll fall victim to these scams],” said Brown. “Like anywhere else, never give them your information.”

Brown believes that the seminar will overwhelm you in a good way. He wants to let everyone know, from his family and friends to his congregation and everyone else interested, how they can get in on cryptocurrency.

“If you’re thinking about financial independence and leaving wealth for your family, its a good time,” said Brown. It’s a very good time to get into digital assets.”

Registration is available through Eventbrite is preferred to secure your spot,
Via CashApp: $JBWealthCreator (In memo, put: your name, phone no., Seminar 4/30/22). Payment ($25) can be made at the door via cash if there is available seating.
For more information: Contact Overseer Jonathan Brown via email: