A Pittsburgher’s Guide To Sushi

Nakama/ Facebook

Pittsburgh isn’t really known for seafood. It’s filled with renowned restaurants and talented culinary professionals but its geographic location doesn’t lend much room for a wide variety of seafood praise. With sushi’s widespread popularity among this generation, however, Pittsburgh has made room for the ever-growing Japanese-inspired seafood rolls. From traditional to modern and everything in between, here are what some of the most popular sushi spots have to offer.

Chaya in Squirrel Hill

With over 50 types of rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, Chaya offers one of the widest selections of sushi in the Steel City. This Japanese restaurant has a vast variety of unique proteins used in their sushi and nigiri. This bountiful menu allows you to pair your favorite rolls with popular cooked dishes. Sea urchin and fluke are just a couple of the uncommon findings at Chaya.

Why it’s great: This BYOB sushi bar has a huge selection of your favorite raw sea-dwellers and presents them in new, unique ways. Also, they have something called a “Sushi Boat” that feeds 3 people and comes an on actual miniature boat!

Christopher Farley/ Facebook
Christopher Farley/ Facebook

Penn Ave Fish Company in the Strip District and Downtown

The freshly imported fish at the wholesale Penn Ave Fish Company makes for some wonderful sushi, nigiri, sashimi, and maki. Simple yet tasty, their sushi bowl is a playful twist on the classic presentation. While Penn Ave Fish Company may not have one of the largest varieties of sushi options in the city, it definitely has one of the freshest tasting menus.

Why it’s great: Because they’re a true fish market, they keep things simple and fresh with their newest imported ingredients.

Andy’s Sushi Bar in the Strip District

Located in Wholey’s Market, Andy’s Sushi Bar is surrounded by one of the most popular and bustling fish markets in the state. Although this is one of the smallest sushi menus, it is most definitely one of the most interactive. Andy is known for his wonderful show of culinary artistry while creating rolls and interacting with those waiting in line.

Why it’s great: The sushi is fairly large in comparison to normal rolls and ultimately the experience is what makes your short wait worth it.

Alexandra Wilson/ Facebook
Alexandra Wilson/ Facebook

The Slippery Mermaid in Sewickley

For those looking to go down a less familiar path and leave behind the traditional sushi rolls, The Slippery Mermaid has classic combinations as well as modern twists on sushi that will steer your palate in a new direction. The beachy restaurant has wonderfully crafted cocktails and an outdoor patio. From Yellowfin Tuna and eel to steak and bacon, The Slippery Mermaid has something that even those who are ambivalent towards sushi are sure to find appealing to their palate.

Why it’s great: They have unconventional sushi so nearly anyone can find something they will like. Like the Freaky Mermaid which, among a slew of ingredients, contains cream cheese, garlic, sriracha, and eel.

Nakama/ Facebook
Nakama/ Facebook

Nakama in South Side

The well-known hibachi restaurant provides a wonderful atmosphere for large groups. Nakama also has a wonderful selection of sushi; the rolls are available per/roll as well as in combinations platters that are easy to share and perfect for the indecisive. Aside from the popular sushi, nigiri, and sashimi – Nakama also has maki on their expansive menu.

Why it’s great: The menu offers much more than just sushi and is perfect for large groups when you and your friends need a night out. And did we mention that they have a food truck?

Sushi Fuku/ Facebook
Sushi Fuku/ Facebook

Sushi Fuku in Oakland

The “Chipotle” of Sushi, at Sushi Fuku you can choose from a regular sushi roll, a sushi bowl, or a sushi burrito. Pick between a seaweed or soy wrap, white or brown rice, and a wide variety of proteins, vegetables, fruits, filling, and sauces. Set up in a style comparable to Subway, Sushi Fuku is a fresh and fully customizable option of “fast food” sushi.

Why it’s great: The sushi is created solely based on what you want and is finished within a matter of minutes.