After 23 years, India Garden in Monroeville closed…. and reopened in a new location!


By Jeff Rose

It caught me by surprise, my go-to Indian restaurant in the east closed. I knew something was up when the owners halted some planned improvements. The place was in need of some updates, and I wondered if they were getting ready to retire. Their son was just married and they had a grandson on the way. Needless to say, I was a little bummed when I stopped and saw the doors closed. The old location is being re-fitted for a Planet Fitness.

Well, three days ago I looked over the Jonet Plazza and saw the sign, INDIA GARDEN! What a great location, squeezed between a Mexican, and Chinese restaurant it’s a little oasis of cullinary delights. It’s smaller, but all updated, new kitchen, new everything, with a bright fresh feel to it.


I try and eat vegetarian at least once a a week and Indian Restaurants are the way to go. So welcome back old friend…..

Lunch Buffet Mon-Fri 11:30-2, Dinner Buffet Tues & Sun – or you can order off the menu anytime. Delivery thru Door dash