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Co-Sign: A Modern Speakeasy Done Right

The revitalization of speakeasies across the country are very much a thing right now, and I’m here for it. However, there’s a fine line between bars that happen to be in a basement and well-thought-out, heavily researched establishments that offer a more authentic Prohibition experience. Co-Sign understood the assignment. 


In fact, the speakeasy is so well-hidden it took me a couple of asks before I made it in. Or, so I thought. I strolled into the historic Bank on 8th in Homestead and a gentleman led me up an elevator into another room where I had to crack a small code in order to be let into the dark and vibey speakeasy space. I was welcomed to dim lighting, lounge seating with period furniture, and long bar with some friendly faces. 


A+ on the energy and mood. Co-Sign has an extensive cocktail menu, but the friendly bartender greeted me, asked me a few simple questions about what I liked, and made the decision for me. He surprised me with Carnegie’s Millions, the perfect concoction of rum, strawberry and Prosecco. Light and sweet, just the way I like ‘em. The bartender was experienced, knowledgeable and my advice to you would be to give him your preferences and let him work his magic. 

The speakeasy has a collection of specialty drinks, a full menu of old fashions, those classic cocktails no bar can do without, and even a portion that’s right “off the back of the truck.” Regardless of what you choose, everything has fresh ingredients, interesting flavors and is carefully crafted. There was a lot of fire behind the bar as several drinks can be smoked and others are served with a subtle flame.  And with over 25 craft cocktails to choose from, there’s definitely a handful of drinks you’re sure to enjoy. 


Their shelves are packed full of topnotch pours of bourbon, scotch, whiskey and more. Moonshine? They have it. Sake? Yep. Limoncello? Of course. Pay attention to some of the cocktail names on the menu too: Old Blue Laws, The Gin Act of 1736, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Very on theme. Plus a few nods to local neighborhoods: Munhall Mule and Shaler Shindig. 


And what’s a speakeasy without a few secrets? They don’t call Co-Sign an immersive cocktail experience for nothing. Look around for clues to secret doors and more surprises within the space. Don’t expect much help from the bartender, his lips are sealed. Spoiler alert: it gets harder after a few beverages.


Between the excellent drinks, hospitable staff, and the secrecy of the establishment, Co-Sign is a must-try. Head to Homestead to take a step back in time to the 1920’s to enjoy a cocktail. Luckily, you don’t have to fear the police busting up the place on account of the 18th Amendment.


Madison Blinn

Madison Blinn is a fun-loving adventurer always on the go and always down for a beverage. Marketing guru by day, self-proclaimed cocktail connoisseur by night. Her go to? A cosmopolitan.

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