Madeleine Bakery And Bistro, family owned, community focused


Walking into the bakery I felt like I was entering a small shop in Europe, was this the plan?

Abby and I didn’t necessarily model the shop on a European bakery, however, we did strive to make it feel like it’s been a classic neighborhood bakery that’s been serving the community for a long time.



How did you get started as a baker?

Baking has always been an interest and a passion of mine for a long time, however, the bulk of my training is on the savory side of cooking. When Five Points opened, owner Geoff Comings gave the opportunity to work in a commercial bakery and taught me about producing baked goods at a volume needed to sustain a business. He also allowed me to sharpen and develop my skills, such as they are.

I have a fondness for the area as a resident, but what brought you to the Regent Square/Park Place area?

Abby and I purchased a home in Wilkinsburg four years ago and instantly fell in love with the neighborhood and the people that make it such a good place to live. We wanted to start Madeleine as a way to give the neighborhood a classic bakery and a gathering spot to meet friends, buy quality products and be a positive element for everyone in Wilkinsburg

Will you be expanding the menu items in the near future?

We will work on changing some of the seasonal items as the seasons change and different products and produce come in/go out of season

Anything else we should know?

We want Madeleine to be a community bakery where everyone feels welcome; we wouldn’t be here without the support of the community and we can’t thank everyone enough for supporting us.

609 S Trenton Ave
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221
(412) 699-1385