New BBQ in Monroeville


By Jeff Rose, 9/16/2019

I’ve been craving BBQ this week…. so I stumbled across these guys in Monroeville…. not officially open yet, but doing a tasting today. The cornbread, baked beans and Mac & cheese were as good as I’ve had, especially the cornbread. I tried two smoked meats and really enjoyed them both. The ribs, dry rub dipped (not slathered) in their Carolina mustard sauce, which has a vinegar/tomato base, was outstanding. Great BBQ takes a lot of time, seasoning of equipment etc, so i really can’t wait to taste it in about a month.
Both owners were chefs prior at Cenacolo Restaurant, which is one of the best in Pgh. Open next week, Wednesday I believe, but stick your head in before and I bet you get a little treat.

Big Rigs BBQ Center Rd, Monroeville