Play With Your Food And Eat It, Too, At Cenacolo

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(This is a piece that was intended for print but put on hold when COVID hit. We decided not to wait any longer to share it with you.)

We promise that straying slightly off of the beaten path is worth it. Cenacolo, located in North Huntingdon, is a pasta hidden gem. From being able to sit down and dine for any occasion, the restaurant also offers classes for making fresh pasta and other delicious Italian delicacies monthly. After all, they are the masterminds behind Fede Pasta, which sells pasta to a lot of restaurants in the city.

Back in November, a few of us had the opportunity to attend the Fall Stuffed Pasta class, which is a LOT harder than it looks in my opinion. We not only made our own dough but also picked our pasta shapes and our stuffing flavors, all while sipping in some vino. We ended the class full of laughs and turning imperfections into delicious messes with a meal of stuffed pasta for ourselves.

These classes are ideal for a fun outing with friends, a switch-up to the typical date, or an outing to celebrate a special occasion. To learn more and sign up for a class for yourself, check out or follow them on Instagram at @CenacoloRestaurant.



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