Spirit-Infused Coffee Is Highly Acceptable At All Times.


What more righteous drink bonds people together in the early mornings, late nights, and annoying afternoons other than coffee? A 40-Billion a year juggernaut, the coffee business is booming, and people just can’t get enough of the stuff. Any way, any time, any place, coffee has become a way of life for a large majority of our frazzled society. One would think, there’s simply no more room for coffee, right? I can’t fathom another Starbucks’ person wearing flip-flops in the dead of winter ordering some Venti half skim whipped mocha chai Frankenstein of a drink. Who can save us, you ask?

And then like magical coffee bean wizards, Luke Schneider, a Navy veteran, and Mark Williams, a Marine veteran, both serving as Firemen in the Chicago area, devised a plan to not only fuel the service men and women across the country, but to also give back to the armed forces community across the world. And that plan, was glorious coffee.

Aptly named Fire Dept. Coffee, the company focuses on serving, uniting, and giving back to the community.

“Fire Dept. Coffee believes in the bonds created between people when sharing the mutual responsibility of selfless service to Nation and Community,” explains Williams. “The bonds created by service members and firefighters is unique, strong and loyal. Our brand looks to foster similar relationships with customers, business partners and employees. FDC will always put our team before lesser objectives like profits and numbers.”

But behind all of that good will is some boss-level joe. Fire Dept. Coffee offers multiple roasts (Roasted to Order) which include Original, Dark, or for the cool kids: Bourbon, Tequila, or Rum infused.

Hearty ingredients include organic beans from fair-trade farms, rounding off the company ethos of quality and consistency.

We sampled all-three infused roasts, and discovered an earthy and rich taste with a velvety smooth touch to the palette. The aroma is welcoming and does clear the sinuses during a brew. The infused spirits don’t take over the taste, but add a masterful undertone of warmth (and a little excitement) to the morning caffeine routine.

For every roast sold, the company donates a portion to various military and fire service organizations. All military and first responders also receive an ongoing 15% discount. For more information, visit Fire Dept. Coffee online.

Photos by Julie Kahlbaugh