St. Clair Social – Your Neighborhood Bar


One of my favorite neighborhood bars is not located anywhere close to my own neighborhood. I have traveled across the city to St. Clair Social in Friendship multiple times since their opening a little over a year ago.

The restaurant, open at 5 PM Monday to Saturday, has a welcoming which comes as no surprise as the people behind St. Clair Social have been creating amazing drinks around Pittsburgh for years. Now with their own space, they feature a fantastic and reasonably priced cocktail menu and an innovative food menu with specialty nights like Meatless Mondays and Fine Dining Weekends.

My favorite foods I’ve eaten there over the last year were their PB&J, which is pork belly and jam on toast, the crispy fried chicken sandwich, and their chicken wings. I’ve had more cocktails there than I can remember. My favorites have been the Espresso Martini and Lion’s Tale, but any cocktail will be amazing. If you’re looking for a great neighborhood spot for food, drinks, and good times, St. Clair Social is the place.

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