The Best Thanksgiving Inspired Dishes in PGH


Thanksgiving, a time to give thanks for all the good fortune that has been bestowed upon us throughout the year, a time to remember how a shared bounty can unite us, but mostly the day of the year when we all eat far too much, argue with our families, and fall into a deep food coma. So in order to prepare yourself (both physically and emotionally) for America’s favorite day of the year, take a gander at our list of Pittsburgh’s best Thanksgiving inspired cuisine and add a couple notches to your belt.

Piper's Pub/ FB
Piper’s Pub/ FB

The Thanksgiving Boxty at Piper’s Pub
A Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake, fried up and topped with just about anything you can imagine. Until the end of November Piper’s Pub will be serving up the Thanksgiving Boxty piled high with roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, and fresh cranberry sauce on the side.


The Franksgiving Dog at D’s SixPax & Dogs
Smothered with gravy, corn, stuffing and, of course, a plentiful dollop of mashed potatoes, the Franksgiving Dog at D’s is the entire Thanksgiving table inside of one bun. The seasonal dog has been gracing the Regent Square bar and restaurant’s menu for years and even has a video dedicated to it’s legacy.

JayeLóVan/ Shiloh Grill
JayeLóVan/ Shiloh Grill

Thanksgiving in Blawnox at Shiloh Grill
This burger can be enjoyed all year round at Mount Washington’s Shiloh Grill. The half pound turkey burger with dried cranberries and sage stuffing is topped with rosemary aioli and should be chased with a nice long nap.

Mad Mex/ FB
Mad Mex/ FB

The Gobblerito at Mad Mex
Much like the Franksgiving Dog, the Gobblerito is infamous in Pittsburgh. Mad Mex takes the gluttonous side of Thanksgiving to an entirely new level by packing a flour tortilla with mashed black bean potatoes, corn, stuffing, and succulent turkey and covering it in gravy. A side of cranberry sauce is the cherry on top of the sundae. But if you still somehow have room for dessert, spring for the Pumpkin Pie Margarita.


The Gobble Gobble Burger from BRGR
If BRGR is known for anything, it’s their over the top burger creations. But step away from the beef on your next visit and try the Gobble Gobble: a turkey patty topped with pickled green beans, cranberry aioli, sage stuffing, and turkey gravy. The pickled green beans on this elevated Thanksgiving dish alone make it worth trying out.