The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is Real, It’s Here, And We’re Writing About It.


It’s 2017, and on this day, I, Rodney Burrell, Editor-in-Chief of LOCALpittsburgh Magazine, wrote an article about Hello Kitty. Dante, thou hath shown me 9 circles, and now I understand. But also, can I grab an HK macaroon box set? Asking for a friend.

Since 2014, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck has been traveling across the US pedaling weird cat happiness for kids and fully developed adults. And now, after three years on the road, the pink bustling truck of human-like cat things will make its way to Ross Park Mall on Saturday, May 20th for a day of waiting in line and listening to people complain about the weather, or why the line is so long, or sports. But more important than that, there will be loads of Hello Kitty stuff for people to spend US dollars on.

The pink wagon of juvenile delights, which made its debut at Hello Kitty Con (yeah) in 2014, will offer a curated menu to include a 3-piece Hello Kitty cookie set, a rainbow macaroon box set that includes a surprise Sanrio character design, a 4-pack of mini cakes, and bow-shaped bottles of water. But wait fans, there’s more. In addition to the goodies, a Hello Kitty Cafe mug, Hello Kitty Cafe t-shirt and the signature bow headband can be exchanged for your credit card information or cash. Journey has been telling me to Don’t Stop Believing for years, and now I know why.

The truck will magically appear near The Cheesecake Factory at 10am, May 20th. For more information, visit Hello Kitty Cafe’s Facebook page.