There’s A New Pickle In Town: Meet Pittsburgh Pickle Company’s New (And The Only) Crown Cut Pickles


As someone not from Pittsburgh (let me be honest, I call Pittsburgh my home, but I still have to use my GPS sometimes), I am always impressed by the reign Pittsburgh has on certain things. For instance, the wide-spread knowledge of a Primanti’s sandwich beyond Pittsburgh’s city lines, the importance of Iron City beer (which is the ultimate sign of city pride to choose IC if you ask me), and my personal favorite, the Pittsburgh Pickle Company. 

To be quite honest, I have never seen more dedication, love, and boldness associated with a pickle before like, ever. From the marketing to the branding to the flavors, everything PPC creates screams commitment, boldness, and is all-around fun. As a marketing professional myself, it’s admirable to see how the company has been able to bring the brand to life on social media and capture the pickle’s angles every time. 

A little BTS on the brand, if you’re curious about their history: The company was founded by three brothers who always dreamed of working together. They created the recipes themselves after seeing a need for a properly made, free from chemicals pickle. This need came after they opened the BeerHive in the Strip District in 2011 and were not satisfied with the pickle options. After a deal with Giant Eagle supermarkets, the brand was born. 

On February 22nd of this year (AKA 2.22.22) at 2 p.m., Pittsburgh Pickle Company launched its new branding and Crown Cut pickle shape. If not apparent already, the shape resembles a crown: flat on the bottom and crinkle-cut on the top. With a tagline of, “In a city built by champions, we all deserve a crown,” the crown cuts come in the same four signature pickle flavors, but with some different names. Drum roll for the flavor roll-out, please… 

Meet the Dagwood (Bread & Butter), PGH Style (Salty & Sweet), Original (Dill & Garlic), and Brimstone (Spicy & Smoky). What I love about their pickles, even before the re-brand, is that they offer so much variety and flavor through something as seemingly basic as a pickle, and they deliver every time. I love the Original pickles, with a familiar yet pleasing earthy taste alongside a crunch every single time. 

The new pickles are currently available via their Amazon Storefront. Be sure to also follow them on Instagram to stay up-to-date with their latest product updates… and just because their social media is A+.


And for some additional fun content, check out my latest video of how I use their new crown cut pickles on my favorite sandwich and what pickle I think you would be based on your element sign.