3 Pittsburgh Based Kickstarters Worth Funding

Black Cat Market/ Kickstarter.com

The Pittsburgh start-up is a phrase most of us have become accustomed to hearing more and more frequently over the last few years. With so many entrepreneurs flocking to the city to take a crack at starting their own business, the competition has been increasing exponentially. So before you start perusing Kickstarter for the coolest new gadgets to fund, consider checking out these three local campaigns that are looking to reimagine coffee shops, bicycling, and the way we educate our children.

World of Wonder

This unique Pittsburgh-based Podcast aims to teach children about diversity and world culture. Joe DeCrosta and his children have created several podcasts where they seek out members of the community from different parts of the world and then interview them as a family. This project aims to provide children 5 and up with a view of the world’s diverse inhabitants brought to them from children their own age. In the two full-length podcasts they have produced so far, the family has interviewed individuals from South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The modest $5,000 campaign would enable this family to purchase higher quality recording equipment, rights to music that requires loyalties, and would also serve as a small travel fund that would enable them to connect with even more individuals. Check out their Soundcloud or visit their Kickstarter campaign for more information on their mission.

The Black Cat Market

The Black Cat Market/ Facebook
The Black Cat Market/ Facebook

Equal parts cat and coffee lovers, Olivia Ciotoli and Indigo Baloch, have recently started a Kickstarter campaign to open up Pittsburgh’s first official cat cafe. Their $20,000 goal has already been met more than halfway and the feline-loving duo is currently looking for a location for Black Cat Market which is set to open during the Fall of 2016. Both business partners are heavily involved in the music and cultural scene in Pittsburgh and have recently partnered with Animal Rescue League, who will be assisting them with adoption services and the design of their cat colony room. If enjoying a hot cappuccino while surrounded by loving felines sounds like your cup of tea, click here for more information on how you help support the Black Cat Market.


While watching the Tour De France, George Dukic had the idea to create a device that could increase the rider’s pedaling power. After two years of prototype testing, KrankUps was born. These fully tested and maintenance free pedal adapters help riders conserve energy and promote a more powerful pedaling experience. Although this fourth prototype is completely effective, KrankUps plan to use this Kickstarter campaign to build a thinner, lighter, and narrower product that would create an even better cycling experience. This brand new crank/pedal technology works with all full sized bikes and simply replaces your current petals. If KrankUps meets their goal of $45,000 they will be shipping out their new and improved design October 2016. Click here to learn more and find out how you can help this startup meet their goal.