5 Unique Approaches to Summer Fashion


The season of pool parties, picnics, and profound sweating has arrived. If you fear that you may once again find yourself wearing nothing but board shorts and flip flops for the next couple of months, we’re here to tell you that you’re better than that. You can easily avoid looking like someone who just emerged from a gym locker room this summer and, shockingly enough, perhaps even come up with some of your best ensembles using the clothes you already have. So give those board shorts a proper burial and embrace all that summer fashion has to offer.

Edgy Statement Pieces

For all of you who experience anxiety as the 90-degree weather approaches, take a deep breath. Regardless of how many times you’ve been made to believe one must exist purely in jeans, tanks, and cotton dresses from July to September, the myth has officially come to an end. Alternative fashion can easily transition to the summer with just a few small modifications. While you may not be sporting your favorite leather cigarette pants anytime soon, you can certainly get away with using cropped jackets (like the leather blazer shown above) to add some “oomph” to shorts and a t-shirt. The trick is to use what you already have to attain your desired look. Sport some dark matte lipstick, a dramatic hairstyle, or incorporate quirky accessories (a show-stopping hat, statement jewelry, or an unusual handbag). And if all else fails, just channel your inner 90’s chick with a high ponytail, band tee, and round sunglasses.

Crop Crop Crop!

The word crop is no longer reserved for just tops. This summer you’ll find that the cropped trend has extended far beyond the half tanks and scissor cut daisy dukes from which it originated. While cut-offs and crop tops are still a quintessential part of summertime fashion, the up to date fashionista would be mistaken to pass up on the refined pieces that have emerged from this trend. One of the most notable is the cropped jacket, such as the Teegan Mustard Sleeveless Duster shown above. This simple and lightweight piece adds a bit of structure to any outfit and can be used for both professional and casual get-ups.

The All-in-One

Playsuit, jumper, overalls, shorteralls, romper; whatever you want to call it, the all-in-one is in because it’s both cute and enormously easy to throw on in the morning. Why bother yourself with multiple articles of clothing when you could just throw on one of the aforementioned items and call it good? Another perk is that this trend is incredibly versatile, letting each item of clothing easily work as a literal playsuit, intended for running around in the park or when paired with heels or strappy sandals, an outfit ideal for going out.

Bold Florals

It may seem obvious, but nothing says summer better than daring floral patterns and bold colors. But don’t think summertime means you have to convert everything in your closet to a sherbert orange and baby blue color palate. All colors are a go (yes, even black) as long as the material is light and breathable. So, this season, play around with different floral patterns, including those you may have originally reserved for the fall or winter. To mix up the usual take on flowery patterns, try pairing these pieces with stripes or structured tops to make your ensemble a bit more fashion forward.

Classic Details

Vintage fashion is usually characterized by pieces that are notoriously tight and stiff; a far cry from our contemporary retro inspired clothing that takes all of the beautifully structured garments from the 40’s and 50’s and recreates them with stretchy lightweight fabric. God bless durable cotton blends. Because of these glorious technological advancements, we are now able to comfortably enjoy flowing dresses skirts, tulle skirts, and lace blouses. To get your vintage look underway this summer, look for lightweight skirts and dresses that can easily be paired with tops you already own. And don’t forget to scour your local thrift stores for all of the small delicate touches that make these ensembles stand out (vintage purses, brooches, shirt bibs, wide-brimmed hats, hair pins, etc).