A Guide to Hibernating in Style This Winter

Sebastian Niedlich/ Flickr

Snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, a good excuse to stay indoors; whatever you want to call it, Winter is in full swing and is beginning to inspire even the most motivated amongst us to enter full hibernation mode. You may have been caught off guard by Pittsburgh’s first big snow of the year, but our guide to ultimate comfort and hibernation is sure to arm you with the necessary resources to fully enjoy all that being snowed-in has to offer. Like animal shaped slippers with built-in foot warmers. You know you need them.

Wicker Paradise/ Flickr
Wicker Paradise/ Flickr

Full Body Pillow
Regardless of whether or not your hibernation will be spent with a companion this pillow will guarantee maximum comfort and cuddle potential.


Modovo Hamburger Pet House
If a furry friend will be joining you in your winter slumber this plush pocket of warmth will keep them happy right alongside you. Also, it looks like a hamburger.

Day Donaldson/Flickr

Ostrich Pillow
In case you do decide to brave the cold the ostrich pillow will provide you a noise canceling habitat for napping wherever you go. Bonus, you’ll look completely ridiculous and it will be worth it.


Frozen Lush Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is anything but frozen and, if and when you decide you should probably bathe yourself, this product from Lush will make your bath all the more luxurious.


Teak Bathtub Tray
Nothing goes better with a bath than a hot mug of cocoa and a book, all of which will be readily available to you on this essential bathtub tray.


Home Made Winter Cookbook
This gorgeous cookbook makes for a great bath time read and is adorned with images of Holland’s countryside and recipes like Pecan Caramel Tart and Oxtail Soup that will make you wish every day was winter.

Flickr/ Steven Depolo
Steven Depolo/ Flickr

Pittsburgh Delivers
If cooking isn’t your thing, consider Wheel Deliver and Postmates your new best friends that exist purely to bring you all the local fare you desire. Hello hot chocolate and macaroni and cheese on- demand.


Personal Towel Warmer
After your lush bath don’t fall victim to the travesty that is cold towels. This personal towel warmer will keep you toasty and can double as a pajama warmer.


Warming Backrest
Back support? Check. Cup holder? Check. Reading light? Check. Hands free massage? Double check.

Mahabis/ FB
Mahabis/ FB

Mahabis Slippers
Designed with sheep’s wool to ensure your feet stay warm but don’t get overheated. And if you do find yourself yourself needing to temporarily venture into the snow, the removable tpu sole offers grip and comfort for a truly adaptable experience.


Narwhal Heated Slippers
If you’re in the market for a slipper with a bit more whimsy, you’ve come to right place. 3 words: narwhal. heated. slippers. Need we say more?