April Showers Bring May Styles


Well, it’s raining every other day, and city folk have been forced to dart down the street with a coat over their heads while trying not to fall into a puddle of water, or better yet, getting assaulted by a passing car as they gently whisk gallons of h20 upon them. It’s a soggy war zone out there, but don’t fret, better days are coming. But in the mean time, you can never be too prepared, and your style should never suffer because of weather, so I’ve paired together some essential rainy day fashions.

First off, shoes are the life blood of any wardrobe. For this outfit, I’ve chosen a stylish, yet comfy boot by Cougar footwear, a Canadian shoe manufacturer that specializes in very nifty waterproof boots. When I’m trudging around the city, or somehow find myself in a random creek, these boots are the bees knees.

The styling is very posh/retro, and doesn’t make your feet look like Nanny McFee, more like a bad ass motorcycle riding, creek stomping, city walking superhero.

What I love: The styling is top flight. I love the overall profile and cross hatch design elements, and they’re functionally fashionable.

What I don’t love: No half sizes presents a slight problem. Make sure you size up. I didn’t, and I paid the price.

Outfit #1 I paired the boots with a light jean jacket and burnt orange dress, for maximum creek exploring power.

Outfit# 2 I paired the boots with a flower-power dress tank and a pair of dark wash denim jeans. Comfortable but still stylish, making it the best of both worlds.

The moral of the story is, don’t let the weather kill your shine, or your shoes. Adapt and overcome. For more information on Cougar, visit them online.