A flourishing small business with roots in the Northside: The Farmers Daughter……


It’s not hard to fall in love with flowers if you only take the time to learn and appreciate their beauty.  They are bold, yet peaceful; resilient, yet tender; whimsical, yet classy.  When flowers come together, they complement one another so that, as the saying goes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It is these basic principles that lead Lauren Work, the farmer’s daughter herself, to create a life surrounded by flowers, love, and imagination.  Lauren’s love for Mother Nature was a seed planted at a very young age, sprouting along with her, and growing tall as she worked at Zuzu’s Petals in Brooklyn, NY.  Zuzu’s Petals is an elite floral shop run by passionate women who helped prune and nurture Lauren’s creativity, inspiring her to blossom by starting her own business when she moved back to Pennsylvania in 2013 with her husband, Paul Phillips.  Paul shares in her admiration of flowers and, together, they have created a multi-faceted business stemming out of a brick and mortar location in the heart of Central North Side.

The shop sells unique home goods, jewelry, house plants, and (of course!) fresh flower arrangements created on the spot.  From there, they also plan floral displays for weddings and events, fulfil local flower deliveries, and offer DIY workshops.  Each workshop is typically an hour long and you’ll not only learn a lot about flowers you’re handling, but also create a masterpiece to take home with you!  The workshops are seasonal, such as creating a whimsical flower crown for summer and winter solstices or crafting a welcoming holiday wreath in the chilly month of December.  Check out their website for a full list of workshops planned for the rest of the year.  Bonus: Workshops are BYOB, so don’t forget to bring your favorite bev!  Stop by the shop to see what they have in bloom and be sure to sign up for a workshop or two to add a little green to your thumb.

“Where do they get all these flowers, especially in this climate?”  We’re so glad you asked!  For years, they grew flowers on the family farm in Uniontown, PA and would load up the fresh cuts and drive them to Pittsburgh.  Recently, they planted their roots (literally) at a home just outside the city with plenty of space for their buds, so they transplanted (can’t resist the puns) their Uniontown flower farm to their new home to be closer to the shop.  Lauren and Paul grow as many as they can on their own, restricted primarily by the weather, source locally when possible, and seek buds from all around the world when necessary to make their clients’ floral dreams come true.

Link http://thefarmersdaughterflowers.com


Link http://thefarmersdaughterflowers.com