How To: Using Healthy Ride Bikes

PGH Bike Share/ Erin Potts

Healthy Ride is a brand new company which has positioned bike stations all over the city that are available 24/7. This environmentally friendly service is making healthy transit easy and affordable for those looking for an alternative to our established modes of transportation. To save you the hassle of trying to figure out the best way to navigate Healthy Ride, we’ve created a step by step guide so you can find the membership that best suits your needs and get going.


Register for an account. You can do that here.

Have a debit/credit card on hand because you will need it to activate your account. Don’t worry though, they only charge your account $1.00 to make sure you’re a real person.

At this point you will be sent a pin via text. This and your own phone number will serve as your login info.

As soon as you login, I recommend changing your pin to something you’ll remember. You can do this by going to ACCOUNT and then to PIN Number.

Pick Your Plan

There are 4 different levels of membership you can choose from:

Pay-As-You-Go Riders: This is the simplest plan. You grab a bike and pay $2/30 minutes (plus tax).
Standard Monthly Members: For $12 a month you can rent a bike and, as long as it is returned to a kiosk within half an hour, no extra fees are accrued. If you go over 30 minutes in a single ride, you will be charged $2 per 30 minutes.
Deluxe Monthly Members: $20 a month gets you unlimited 60 minute bike rides with no extra fees unless you exceed the one hour limit per bike ride.
Unlimited 24 Hour Access: For $24 you can ride all the bikes you want as long as you want within a 24 hour period.

To choose one of these go to ACCOUNT and then Manage Tickets and Subscriptions:

There are also group/company rates available. For more details click here or contact Erin Potts at 412-621-0464 or


The difficult part is over! Now all you have to do is find a station. You can do this via Healthy Ride’s website or on your smart phone with their app nextbike.

Now you can rent a bike! Simply go up to a bike at one of the stations and do one of the following:

Use the App: Pull up nextbike on your phone and scan the QR code on the back of the bike. Press “Rent Bike” and pull the bike out of the dock. The app will provide a 4-digit unlock code which you will punch in at which point you can press “Start New Rental” and be on your way.

Use the bike’s keypad: If you don’t have a phone with you, you can simply enter your phone number on the bike’s keypad along with your 6-digit PIN from registration. The same steps will occur as they would if you were using the app.

Call Customer Service: Call 412-535-5189 and provide them with your login info. They will unlock the bike for you digitally.

And when it’s finally time to return that bike, simply put it into an empty dock at any station. When successfully returned the keypad will emit a green flashing light. If no empty docks can be found, you can simply lock the bike to itself (through the front fork) using the provided cable lock which is located behind the bike’s basket. Then call Customer Service at 412-535-5189 to return the bike and be on your way.

To find out more about Healthy Ride you can visit their website here. Happy Riding!