Casey Droege Cultural Productions and a Small Mall in Lawrenceville


Photos by, Porter Loves Creative

Butler Street in Lawrenceville is famous for its open and artsy scenery. Make your way to the tail end into Upper Lawrenceville, you will find Small Mall. Small Mall is a store from Casey Droege Cultural Productions (CDCP) with an emphasis on expanding the local art economy. CDCP is known for their photo art at museums as well as artsy dining sets. However, Small Mall brings together various pieces such as handmade jewelry, prints, and knick-knacks from local artists.

Owner Casey Droege understands the perks and challenges of starting a local business and making a living as an artist. She hopes Small Mall will bring an awareness and appreciation to the craft of art by providing the region’s most talented makers with the opportunity to display and sell their work. All profit is split between the business and the artists as well. Currently, Small Mall features artists’ work from past programs with CDCP, but Droege plans to have an open call to the public by the start of next year.

“We are different because we work with artists that create products that are affordable,” says Droege. “We offer a big range of artwork that is under $500.” While the store is smaller in size compared to most, it is filled with some of the finest art pieces in the Pittsburgh area at a reasonable price. “We are in between a gallery and a store,” says Droege about the vision of Small Mall.

Lastly, Small Mall also offers an educational purpose for their artists. Droege and her team work with their artists to create cheaper pieces or designs (such as wrapping paper) in addition to their main artwork. An example of this is through Small Mall’s window installation program. The window installation program features an artist’s main attractions like a mini-exhibit in front of the store in order to set the mood for their other, cheaper products in the shop.

Whether you are an artist or just an appreciator of the craft, Small Mall has something to bring life into your home. The store also provides numerous gift ideas for this holiday season as well! For more information about Small Mall or CDCP check out their website