La Pomponnée Continues to Revolutionize the Local Spa Game


Considered Pittsburgh’s first ever day spa, La Pomponnée, continues to find a variety of huge success in the cosmetics and pampering game. Founded in 1992, La Pomponnée originally was going to just be a salon for brides and their wedding parties to be pampered. “We were positioning ourselves next to a talented Bridal Designer in Mt. Lebanon. Her name was Tomasina and she was a mentor and a friend. She was the catalyst,” says owner Kristen Peckich.

Over the 26 years in business, the spa has developed drastically by catering to everyone instead of brides only. “We evolved from a small boutique day spa to a full service spa with locker rooms, yoga, personal training and a juice bar, and a barber shop. In 2015, we went back to our roots, just focusing on what we did best, beauty. We did keep the barber shop for our guys though,” said Peckich when asked about the spa’s development. Today, La Pomponnée offers a wide of services including hair, skincare, nails, massage, and makeup.

Peckich has many people to thank for La Pomponnée to remain at the top of the local spa game for nearly three decades. With a combination of a dedicated staff and regular clientele, La Pomponnée continues to serve generations of clients. “We have incredible staff retention. It feels like a family business and clients like knowing things are consistent. We have generations of families who can find someone they identify with on our team. We have done a client’s first haircut, prom hairdo and makeup, and wedding beauty services. It’s our clients who keep us busy and growing.”

Today, La Pomponnée continues to revolutionize the local spa scene with its new Beauté Mobile. La Pomponnée has decided to take its services on the go with a brand-new RV. Customers of the Mount Lebanon and McMurray locations can now receive their favorite treatments at various events and private parties. Check out La Pomponnée’s website for events regarding the Beauté Mobile.

Whether you are a bride to be or just want a little pampering, La Pomponnée prides itself on offering the most cutting-edge services in the spa industry. For each service, the artisans of La Pomponnée approach a client with an artist’s frame of mind. Deriving from the French term, “one who has been dolled up,” La Pomponnée believes that Nature is the best beauty artist of all and utilizes it in all the services offered. However, Peckich has another perspective on what makes La Pomponnée the most cutting-edge spa in Pittsburgh. “These days so much has changed. We have kind of bucked the system by not doing all business via the internet. We still have receptionists who book our appointments, we have people who are greeting our clients and helping them find product and have a good experience. Clients appreciate it because it isn’t the norm anymore. So, I guess by staying old school, that makes us cutting edge!”

For information regarding La Pomponnée’s services, pricing, and upcoming events check out their website, Voted as Pittsburgh’s best spa in 2018 by Pittsburgh Magazine, La Pomponnée continues to be a local favorite. At La Pomponnée, you can guarantee “the perfect blend of nature and glamour to create gorgeous transformations.”