Nathaniel Broadus is Set to Open New CBD Business

Nathaniel Broadus is a Point Park University graduate, writer of “The POLICE STATE Saga,” and now a local businessman. Only Broadus’ business is not one found on the corner of every shopping center. CBD Pittsburgh is the first 100% black-owned CBD business in the city and it promotes the therapeutic uses for hemp.
What inspired you to open your own CBD business in Pittsburgh?
A major inspiration was the budding (pun?) medical cannabis market that is flooding the nation.  I am a full believer in alternative therapies, and I am very aware of the overprescribing of opioid medications for problems that can be treated with problematic options.  Prior to starting this company, I had lost a friend to heroin addiction, that started as addiction to prescription pills, which started out as a relatively minor back injury.  I’ve been active in the wholesaling industry for some time, and I wanted to put my energy towards solving what we know is a very real problem.  Furthermore, I believe it is vital that black people gain an early foothold in this industry.  I look to partner with small POC owned maker businesses to allow them to bring their own CBD infused products to market.
What are your immediate plans?
Our immediate plans are to expand our product line.  We currently offer CBD Vape oil, as well as CBD Skin Salve, and we will soon offer CBD Oral drops, as well as CBD Chocolate bars and CBD pet treats.
Explain in simple terms the benefits from CDB’s?

The FDA would want me to tell you that I AM NOT A DOCTOR.  That said, CBD is a compound known as cannabidiol known to relieve anxiety, depression, inflammation, convulsions, spasms, nausea as well as serving as a sleep aid and muscle relaxer
There seems to be a little confusion in Pittsburgh, how do the new laws here compare to Colorado?
Hemp CBD is 100% legal in the state of Pennsylvania.  This is a nonpsychoactive product that you can enjoy without any extra licenses.
Is this the tip of the iceberg, will the laws continue to change?
They’ll only get more liberal as it pertains to medical marijuana products.  My product is not a marijuana-derived product.  It is derived from American grown hemp and contains no psychoactive.
Where do you plan on taking your business in the next few years?
As far as I can.  I’m looking to help 5 small maker businesses expand their product lines with CBD infused products!