Dazzletine Returns Triumphantly to the Iron City


Photo by Christopher Sprowls
Photo by Christopher Sprowls

“[The Pittsburgh music scene is] diverse” says Dan Koshute, frontman of the Pittsburgh born band Dazzletine. “It’s hard to have a handle on everything that’s going on. That seems to be a common temptation, to see the city as just small enough that you can know everything that’s happening. But, in truth, it goes deeper than anyone can ever imagine, believe me. And that’s true for everything about the city. It will defy you, thank God.”

August 14th marked the return to Pittsburgh for this glam rock inspired band at Lawrenceville’s Spirit. The show was opened by local bands Wooly Woman and Dream Phone.

Koshute, who spent the infancy of his career navigating his way through the local music scene with solo projects and collaborations, finds great inspiration can be found in Pittsburgh’s varied musical landscape. “I love Wooly Woman, Dream Phone, Shaky Shrines, Andre Costello, Pet Clinic, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Tamburitzans,” Koshute lists off the top of his head. “Jennifer Baron of the Garment District is a huge inspiration to me both musically and professionally. She’s my big sister and mentor. Also, Girls Rock! Pittsburgh is incredible and game-changing. Support them!”

Dazzletine came together in 2011 and played their first show on the night of Koshute’s 23rd birthday. They have since morphed into a gritty and glamorous amalgamation of aching vocals and wailing guitar solos with an overall transcendent stage presence.

The name Dazzletine came to Koshute “almost divinely, inspirationally packaged with the concept of the band in late 2009 in an instantaneous burst. One of those moments when everything makes sense, and you’re bursting with hope.”

In 2011, Dazzletine firmly planted their roots with the release of their first album Heart, Mind, Bodies, a core rattling homage to the grandiose of 70’s glam with mythical lyrics and howling instrumentals.

After 3 years in Pittsburgh the band moved to NYC “to be part of a bigger community and make as many friends as possible,” Koshute says, and to “widen [their] sphere experience. Play all the time and go to tons of shows.” On August 19th Dazzletine performed in front of a 100+ audience at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium.

Presently, Dazzletine is recording their debut LP Organomy. “[We] have stepped through the door of the next phase of the band. Now we’re back in Pittsburgh, and we’ve never been more excited for the future.”

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