Radio Tokyo: A Spin on the Chart Toppers


Since 2007, Radio Tokyo has been performing chart-topping hits across the region. With an ever-changing quintet of musicians, the band has played at casinos, bars and national league events, bringing their dynamic style to each show.

radioThis R&B style cover band’s experience reaches well beyond the 8 years that they’ve called themselves a group. With their drummer Jason being involved in similar projects since the early 2000’s and their lead singer, Ambition from the smash R&B group, Pretty Ricky, Radio Tokyo is no stranger to the east coast music scene. Along with Jason and Ambition, the group includes their lead guitarist Ed Sable, keyboard player Travis, and bass player Mark.

Pittsburgh-based, the group has been with 5 different keyboard players, 3 different singers and 2 different bass players, each wave re-inventing the band and creating a new synth-driven, dance sound. Even though they’re essentially a rock band, their shows are generally 75% hip-hop, R&B, dance music and alternative with a little bit of country thrown in along the way.

Ambition’s musical roots often help to sculpt each set list that they choose, aiding the band in their stylistic approach to the current and past hits that they play.  With events as large scale as Jam on Walnut, the Cleveland Cavaliers homes opener, and Pirate pre-game shows under their belts, Radio Tokyo brings the party to each packed gig.

With weekends already booked up throughout 2016, Radio Tokyo recommends crowd goers remember that their view from the stage is unlike the band’s, and if you’re close enough to the band, your raging antics have been taken note.