5 Events To Bring Out Your Inner Child This Spring

PlayDate/ FB

Melting snow, blooming flowers, birds singing; these are all images one might affiliate with the coming of Spring. But in Pittsburgh Spring means the best of us will be slowly emerging squinty eyed from our Winter hibernation clad in fleece and cheeto dust. So meet the Spring with gusto this year as Pittsburgh hosts a slew of events that will bring out your inner child. Dust off your colored pencil set and get ready to relive the best parts of your adolescence.

Weather Permitting/ FB
Weather Permitting/ FB

REC ROOM: Winter Games
Sunday, March 6th and 20th
Spirit in Lawrenceville

Yes, Winter may be in title of this event, but that doesn’t mean REC ROOM won’t generously cater to your need to embrace the Spring time with live music, classic playground games like 4 Square, and all the pizza 10-year old you could ever wish for.

PlayDate/ FB
PlayDate/ FB

PlayDate Pittsburgh
Saturday, March 12th
Culture Restaurant

Why play tabletop Jenga when you can play giant Jenga with a group of inebriated adults in cocktail attire? Join Culture for this night of music, socializing, delicious bites, and a revamped version of your childhood family game nights.

Heinz History Center
Heinz History Center

21+ After Hours Playtime
Thursday, March 17th
Heinz History Center

In case you didn’t quite get your fill of board games, be sure not to miss this night of play with a retro twist. Twister, Guess Who, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and Operation are just a few of the many old school games that will be available to play. And don’t forget to feed your inner sugar crazed child with sweets from the retro candy bar. You’ll need that sugar high for all the charleston-ing and mashed potato-ing you’ll inevitably be partaking in in the Great Hall.

Richard Steih/ Flickr
Richard Steih/ Flickr

BYOB Coloring Night
Monday, March 28th
Tech Shop

Were you one of those kids who could spend hours coloring and drawing? Are you maybe still one of those kids? Have no fear, Tech Shop welcomes the colored pencil enthusiasts among you to join them for a low-key night of coloring, light socialization, and the consumption of your own bottom shelf merlot. Coloring helps alleviate stress and so do free events, which this is. Bring yourself, bring your art supplies, and get ready to be as relaxed as a sleeping baby.

The Children's Museum/ FB
The Children’s Museum/ FB

Never Grow Up
Friday, April 15th
The Children’s Museum

For the true lush’s amongst you comes the ultimate youthful indulgence fest. Never Grow Up is an adults only after hours event that will finally give you the chance to navigate all three floors of The Children’s Museum including the magnificent Tapescape that you’ll now get to crawl through with wild abandon. Also be sure to play some live-action video games (courtesy of City of Play), eat some food that the child version of you would undoubtedly approve of, and take full advantage of the complimentary wine and beer bar.