Jazz Nights To Cure A Case of The Mondays


I recently discovered a Jazz night at The Savoy, an upscale restaurant and club in The Strip District. Don’t worry, the ambiance didn’t stop me from wearing a hulk t-shirt and jeans, however, when I drank water, my pinky finger did raise ever-so-slightly as to signify my chameleon-like abilities in astute social situations.

My biggest reservation with live shows is that I can’t hear the music. I’ve found that smaller venues tend to use the formula of over-amplified sound and bad acoustics. However, this venue made me feel like I might walk out with my cerebellum in tact.

On this night, they welcomed The Rodger Humphries Trio, which consisted of Max Leake on piano, Dwayne Dolphin on Bass, legendary Rodger Humphries on drums, and the smooth guest vocals of Charlie G. Sanders. The music was crisp, vocals were soothing and punchy, and the overall arrangements were on point.

With the intimacy of the venue and all-star talent, Jazz night should be on your list of things to do on Monday nights. The food, while a little on the pricey side, is exceptional, along with the service.