Kung Fu and Chill


Kung-Fu-Girl2-200x300If free food, movies, and enjoying the lovely Pittsburgh atmosphere are on your agenda this Spring, Save A Child By Getting in Shape With Kung Fu, should be on your bucket-list.

On April 30th, Rothrock Kungfu, a South Side-based martial arts studio, will host the 20th Annual St. Jude Children’s Hospital Kungfu Health & Fitness Fundraiser.

St. Jude Children’s Hospital is a non-profit organization that focuses on treatment and research of childhood catastrophic diseases.  Families with limited insurance are never asked to pay, which is something the hospital takes pride in.  Within the past 5 years, they were able to put 81% of donations towards the children’s needs.

Bill White, a Kungfu instructor, stated, “I believe helping St. Jude Hospital contributes to the community by giving our students the opportunity to help others with the sacrifice of hard work, time & effort, and monetary donations.” White goes on to say, “In the end, it’s a team effort that instills this virtue of helping others as something we should not just do, but share and grow together in the process.”

With local businesses donating food, gift baskets for raffle, and Health & Fitness tips and information, Rothrock hopes to increase foot traffic this year.  They are setting a goal of $7,500 in donations this year for St. Jude Hospital.

For more information visit WeLoveKungFu.com