Layer Cake Festival Sets The Stage For The Best Saturday Ever


Layer Cake (WEB names in order NEW final 3)There are several reasons I’m attending The Layer Cake Festival. Not only is there an unlimited amount of music and creativity streaming from Pittsburgh’s North Side, there’s actually going to be cake.

But back to the cake, ahem, I mean festival.

Layer Cake is the brainchild of Ziggy Sawdust, a patriarch for the creative community in Pittsburgh. He birthed the Layer Cake idea to provide something very unique for music and art lovers in the city, and create more opportunity for local artists and performers. As the epicenter of Pittsburgh continues to grow, so does the city’s appetite for engaging and original events.

Just going to a bar and listening to a band has its place, but people want to experience an experience… They want “The Experience.” Something that will change the way they listen to music or raise expectations for their next live show. Layer Cake is doing just that with a large scale community-style festival that will continue to expand as the music and art scene becomes more vibrant and well-supported.

And with community in mind, Layer Cake has a simple ethos, have a great time for a less than great amount of money.

The festival will include 3-floors of music and live painting, with an estimated 36 bands slated to perform at The James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy. Event hosts will include: Davon Magwood, Krish Mohan, and Stoph Edison.

The Layer Cake Festival will be held for one day only, Saturday, October 20th. Doors open at 1pm and the party runs all night long. Tickets are $20.00 at the door or $15.00 pre-sale.

For ticketing information, directions, and performance schedules,  visit