Rejoice, Pittsburgh Now Has Axe Throwing

Left to Right: Matt Peyton, Corey Deasy, Jack Welsh

So, you’ve just binged Game of Thrones and The Tudors and feel like your fighting abilities far surpass the limits of mortal men, or maybe you want to pay your mom back for the 12 years of Karate (Ross Voice), rest easy, we might have the medicine for you. It’s called Axe Throwing, and now Pittsburgh has a place where you can flex your medieval muscles in the ultimate test of human superiority.

LumberjAxes is a 6,000 square ft. facility located in Millvale where you can throw axes, ninja stars, death-level playing cards, and even batarangs. Yes, batarangs *Giggity*. For all those who have dreamed of becoming a superhero, spy, or honorary member of the battle of Thermopylae, it’s the perfect place to realize you’re extremely far away from your dreams coming true. Don’t fret, though, the company provides expert instruction to people of all levels.

Corey Deasy, founder of LumberjAxes, and also the co-founder of Escape Room, is on a mission to bring interesting and innovative entertainment to the city, and so far, so good. “It’s important to me as a Pittsburgh native to make sure the people living here and visiting the area have access to the most exciting, cutting-edge entertainment options,” he says. “Axe-throwing amps up a party or night out, and is a fantastic team-building activity for businesses. But be warned – it’s addictive!”

The venue also hosts parties, and they even have leagues for people who want to throw sharp objects on a full-time basis. LumberjAxes is located at 2 Sedgwick St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15209. Wed.-Sun., 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

For more information, visit them online.