Weather Permitting: Ending the Season with a Bang

Weather Permitting/ Facebook
Weather Permitting/ Facebook

Bill Brittain and Mike Georges, two brothers with a penchant for gardening, have been a vital part of the Shadyside community since April 2011. The Shadyside Nursery has grown exponentially in the last few years and is now home to local businesses Shadyside Worms and BeeBoy hives & honey. During the week, from 11am-7pm, Shadyside Nursery is home to all things gardening and the perfect spot for picking up supplies or inquiring about landscaping services. But the beginning of each Summer also marks the beginning of a weekly transformation for the nursery called Weather Permitting.

Started by local DJ Pandemic in 2013, Weather Permitting is a weekly concert series that opens up to the public every Sunday at the Shadyside Nursery. This outdoor event brings in a variety of food trucks, bands, local brews, a farmer’s marketplace and family friendly activities for everyone. Every week is a unique celebration of what our city has to offer and, in the past, has featured Kiddie-oke (karaoke for kiddos), performances from The Unknown String Band, and the Lovelace Puppet Fest.

This seasonal event series is based on a community alliance of patrons and small businesses. Events average 150-200 people and this number continues to grow as Weather Permitting offers up more space for stands and vendors.

This Sunday, September 6th, is the final day of the season for Weather Permitting at Shadyside Nursery. Bands Matthew Tembo & Afro Routes, Working Breed and The Beagle Brothers will be performing during what promises to be a monumental celebration.

For more information on the event or to learn about how to bring your business to Weather Permitting in the upcoming season, click here or contact them at