Provision Provides The Impossible Burger


The Impossible Burger was created in Silicon Valley in 2011 by the company Impossible Foods. They had a vision to make food more sustainable as well as still taste like meat. They spent the first five years researching what makes a burger; the taste, texture and even how it reacted on a grill.


As a result, the Impossible Burger was created. The Impossible Burger is made from 0% beef which means it uses 95% less land, 74% less water and in turn, creates 87% less greenhouse emissions.*

The Impossible Burger is made up of only a few ingredients including wheat, coconut oil, and potatoes. The main ingredient that makes the Impossible Burger different and taste and reacts like ground beef is an ingredient called heme. Heme is in every living organism from plants to animals. Heme is an iron like substance and when added to the other ingredients it gives the taste, texture and reacts the same as beef.


Provision in Federal Galley serves the Impossible Burger as a substitute for any of their burgers. They receive it in ground form and form the patties so it fits better to their buns.  Chef Stephen Eldridge had followed the story of Impossible Foods for years just waiting for a time to implement it into a menu. He wanted to use it to make the restaurant have less of a carbon footprint.

The taste is the biggest attraction; it is outstanding. Due to the proteins in the ingredients, the searing from the grill makes for a crunchy outer texture. There is no need for spices; the patty is flavorful enough.

Get an Impossible Burger at Provision in Federal Galley at 200 Children’s Way on  Pittsburgh’s North Shore. Open seven days a week, no reservation is needed and there is plenty of seating. Visit and for more information about Provision. For more information on the Impossible Burger visit

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