LOCALpittsburgh — Gallery Roundup March 2024

“There are things that are not sayable. That’s why we have art.”
Leonora Carrington (“Britain’s Lost Surrealist”)

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Galleries & Exhibits

937 Liberty Gallery. To Mar. 17: The Wind Got Up in the Night and Took Our Plans Away. New work by Serbian photographers (Aleksandrija Ajduković, Milan Aleksić, Ivan Arsenijević, Boris Burić, Goranka Matić, Vesna Pavlović, Ivan Petrović, Katarina Radović, Mihailo Vasiljević, Srdjan Veljović) and photography collectives (Belgrade Raw, Jednostavno rečeno, Kamerades). 937 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. To Mar. 31:  Featured Artist: Clayton Merrell. Ndw work by painter Clayton Merrell. 100 43rd St., Unit 107, Pittsburgh. (412) 212-6650.

Baby Bello. To Mar. 15: The Underground Railroad Series. New work by painter Marlon Gist. 2200 9th Ave. Beaver Falls. (724) 624-8674.

“Underground Railroad Series” by Marlon Gist (Baby Bello)

BoxHeart Gallery. To Mar. 29:  We Will Wander. New work by collagist Seth Clark and jeweler Jeffrey Smith. 4523 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 687-8858.

Brew House Arts. To Mar. 9:  Blank Tape. New work by curated by Lena Hansen, ixed media works including photography, animation, and installation, Blank Tape looks at how surveillance technology has become integrated into our daily existence. Mar. 21-Apr. 20: Neither Here Nor There. Faculty exhibition by University of Pittsburgh’s Studio Art Department; opening reception Mar. 21, 6.8 p.m. 711 S. 21st St. Pittsburgh. (412) 212-6650.

Carnegie Museum of Art. To Mar. 10:  Amie Siegel: Panorama. New work by filmmaker, multimedia artist Amie Siegel. To Mar. 17: The Milton and Sheila Fine Collection. 100+ works of painting, sculpture, photography and time-based media from the 1980s through the 2000s. To May 12:  Imprinting in Their Time: Japanese Printmakers, 1912–2022. 90 classic prints drawn from the museum’s extensive collection. 4400 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 622-3131.

“Wanderer 1” by Seth Clark; “Meanderling 12” by Jeffrey Smith (BoxHeart Gallery)

Concept Art Gallery.  To Mar. 16, 2024:  I Love You. New work by ceramicist Seuil Chung. To Mar. 16: Spy School. New work by painter and ceramicist Jeff Schwarz. 1031 S. Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 242-9200.

Contemporary Craft. To May 4:  Oneness. New work by sculptor Brie Ruais. To Feb. 23, 2024:  ::iRiD3SC3NT[dreamz_____]:::. New work by jeweler Sulo Bee. Mar. 8-June 28: Make Yourself Comfortable. New work by Vicki Branagan. 5645 Butler St. Pittsburgh. (412) 261-7003.

Cranberry Artists Network. Mar. 8-Apr. 4: “Emergence” Spring Show. New work by CAN members; opening reception Mar. 8, 6-8 p.m. Bottlebrush Gallery, 539 Main St. Harmony.

“Your Cup Will Always Only Be Half-Full (But You May Love It Anyway)” by Silvija S. Singh (Verostko Center for the Arts)

The Frick Art Museum. To Mar. 9: Through My Lens: What It’s Like to be a Child in My Neighborhood. An photoraphy exhibit by 4th and 5th graders in The Maker’s Clubhouse’s after-school program. To Mar. 10:  From Stage to Page: 400 Years of Shakespeare in Print. An exhibit tracing the history of the famed First Folio collection of William Shakespeare plays. To Mar. 10: Reckoning: Grief and Light. Multisensory sculpture by Vanessa German exploring grief, love, and social healing. 7227 Reynolds St. Pittsburgh (412) 371-0600.

Ketchup City Creative. Mar. 1-29: Tales of Nairobi: Adam Masava and Mukuru Art Collective. New painting by Kenyan artist Adam Masava and the Mukuru Art Collective. 612 Main St. Sharpsburg. (412) 593-4386.

“I Can’t Please Anyone” by Mike Obando (Ketchup City Creative)

Kelly-Strayhorn Theater. To June 8:  Abolitionist Expressions. Work from the Let’s Get Free permanent collection featuring art made by people in prison as well as artists in solidarity from outside of prison. 5941 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 363-3000.

Lohr Gallery. Mar. 16-May 25:  Lizzee Solomon. New work by mixed media artist Lizzee Solomon; opening reception Mar. 16, 12-3 p.m. 725 Wood St. Wilkinsburg. (412) 727-7855.

“Daydream Detour” by Ashley Hodder (Studio 4)

Manchester Craftsmens Guild. To Mar. 8: The Ephemeral Edge. New work by weaver, sculptor, painter, certified permaculture designer Stefanie Zito. 1815 Metropolitan St. Pittsburgh. (412) 322-1773.

Manos Gallery. Mar. 2-31: ACRE: Artists, Musicians, Writers, Crafters. New work showcased by Alliance for Creative Rural Economies; opening reception Mar. 2, 12-5 p.m. 320 E. 5th Ave. Tarentum. (484) 529-1597.

“Victorian Table Top Still Life” by Olive Turney (Westmoreland Museum of American Art)

Maple Leaf Gallery. Mar. 1-23:  The Conservatory. New work by painter Lewis V. Pell; opening reception Mar. 1, 7-10 p.m.; closing reception Mar. 23, 7-10 p.m. 115 Sedgwick St. Millvale.

Mattress Factory. Mar. 9-30: Isla Hansen:  How to Get to Make Believe; Marvin Touré:  the blood is the water.; Catalina Schliebener Muñoz:  Deep, Deep Woods. New installations at Mattress Factory Annex; opening reception Mar. 8, 6-8 p.m. 1414 Monterey St. Pittsburgh. To May 19:  As Below, So Above. Artist-in-residence Shohei Katayama explores the space between light and dark, life and death, beauty and danger, nature and man. To Sept. 1, 2024:  Assume the Risk by Delhi, India installation artist Asim Waqif. To Dec. 1: Andrea Peña. New solo exhibit by sculptor/choreographer Andrea Peña. To Nov. 30, 2025: State of the Sky. New two-year exhibition by artist-in-residence Luke Stettner featuring collaborations with Mac Carbonell, Chris Domenick, Michelle Franco, Nicholas Kawa, Calista Lyon, Bryan Ortiz, Suzanne Silver, Ed Steck, Mike Stickrod. 516 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh. (412) 231-3169.

clockwise from top left: “How to Get to Make Believe” by Isla Hansen; “the blood is in the water.” by Marvin Touré; “Deep Deep woords” by Catalina Schliebener Muñoz (Mattress Factory)

Miller ICA. Mar. 16-Apr. 7: Second Degree Vision. Carnegie Mellon University MFA Exhibit 2024 featuring Sobia Ahmad, Steve Alexis, Anisha Baid, Inbar Hagai, Georgia Saxelby, London Williams. Carnegie Mellon University Purnell Center for the Arts, 5000 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 268-3618.

Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media. To Mar. 9:  City Limits: Process, Observations & Explorations. New work by ceramicist Marcè Nixon Washington. Mar. 10 (1-3 p.m.): Artist Talk  with curator Judy Barie and artist Zoë Welsh. 1047 Shady Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 361-0873.

“Carrying” by K Breedlove (Wick Monet)

Robert Morris University Media Arts Gallery.  To Mar. 7: Art & Algorithms: Pittsburgh Artists Respond to AI. New work by Richard Bignell, Aimee Bungard, Matthew Conboy, Casey Connelly, Tim Fabian, Fabrizio Gerbino, Eunsu Kang, Renee Keil, Eli Kessler, Jamie Walters Kessler, S Kessler Kaminski, Jason LaCroix, Sarah Simmon showcasing ways in which AI has transformed the art-making process, challenged traditional concepts of creativity and opened new avenues for artistic expression. 6001 University Blvd, Wheatley Center, Moon Township. (412) 397-3000.

Silver Eye Center For Photography. To Apr. 13: O­_Man!. New work by Kelli Connell and Natalie Krick. 4808 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 431-1810.

“Model Holding a Globe” by Kelli Connell and Natalie Krick (Silver Eye Center For Photography)

SPACE. To Apr. 28: This is not a map. This collection of new works addresses contemporary notions of place, time and storytelling. Eight artists hailing from five continents (all now living and working in Pittsburgh) present an installation informed by their diverse studio practices incorporating textiles, collages, video essays and digital sculpture. 812 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 325-7723.

Spinning Plate Gallery. Mar. 9-31: The Interruption of Negative Space. New work by painter John Eastman; opening reception Mar. 9, 6-9 p.m. 5821 Baum Blvd. Pittsburgh. (412) 592-6418.

“Off to the Races” by Lewis v. Pell (Maple Leaf Gallery)

St. Vincent College Verostko Center for the Arts. To Apr. 5:  Shared Concerns. Selections from past gallery exhibits mix with new work from 12 current Associated Artists of Pittsburgh members (Sandra Bacchi, Tony Cavalline, Eunsu Kang, Clayton Merrell, Mary Kay Neff, S.C., Adalberto Ortiz, Marian Phillips, Patrick Schmidt, Nicole Renee Ryan, Evan Rumble, Silvija Singh, Sarah Tancred. 300 Fraser Purchase Rd. Latrobe. (724) 805-2107.

StopWatch Gallery & Studio. Mar. 9-Apr. 6: “Joseph Lupo:  This Doesn’t Make Any Sense…”. New prints by Joseph Lupo celebrating early 20th-century comics; artist talk Mar. 9, 5-6 p.m.; opening reception Mar. 9, 6-9 p.m. 323 South Main St. Greensburg. (724) 708-2034.

Studio 4. Mar. 1-31:  Street Show II (two). Street Sign Paintings by local artists (Nate Reese, Coyle, Ashley Hodder, Nic Dedig, Cameron Schmidt, RAYMER, Cara Rossetti, Pedro Ibarra, Sibelley, Shane Pilster, Beech_Wood, Whosane, Max GEMS Gonzales). 4609 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh.

“This Doesn’t Make Any Sense. . .” by Joseph Lupo (StopWatch Gallery & Studio)

Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Mar. 15-Apr. 19: Small Works, Big Impact. New work by mixed media artists Brooke Rothshank, Liz Steiner, Nikki Lau, Erin Carlson, Andrea Finch, Christine Holtz, Matt Zorn, Julie Zaichuk-Ryan, Meredith Bigatel, Claire McCauley, Luke Huling, Claira Barilar; opening reception Mar. 9, 5-8 p.m. 200 Broad St. Sewickley. (412) 741-4405.

University Art Gallery. To Mar. 24: Agua Firme. Site-specific sculpture by Iliana Emilia García and Scherezade García. To Mar. 24:  Printing Culture: Gráfica de Puerto Rico, 1958-63. original silk screen posters from the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. To Mar. 24: Kingdom of this World, Reimagined. New painting, photography, mixed media by Dudley Alexis, José Bedia, Edouard Duval-Carrié, Scherezade García, Sergio García, José García Cordero, Simryn Gill, Leah Gordon, Roberto Juárez, Maggie Steber commemorating the 1947 novel Kingdom of This World by Haitian author Alejo Carpentier. Frick Fine Arts Building, 650 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh. (412) 648-2400.

“Sunrise Breakdown” by Clayton Merrell (Associated Artists of Pittsburgh)

VaultArt Studio. Mar. 1-31: New work by VaultArt Studio members; opening reception Mar. 1, 7-9 p.m. 5100 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 404-2895.

Westmoreland Museum of American Art. To Apr. 24: Toshiko Mori & Frank Lloyd Wright: Dialogue in Details. Exhibit features a dialogue between architects Wright and Mori. To Sept. 8:  65 Artists, 65 Years: An Anniversary Exhibition. 65 artists from the museum’s collection. To Dec. 31: The Westmoreland Collects. Newly acquired works by the museum. To Dec. 31:  Creating Common Memory. Exhibition of works from the Museum’s permanent collection featuring Native Americans. To Nov. 9, 2025:  George Hetzel and Scalp Level. Artwork by George Hetzel (1826-1899) and his students from the Scalp Level School. 221 N. Main St. Greensburg. (724) 837-1500.

“Caiman” by Lizzee Solomon (Lohr Gallery)

Wick Monet. To Mar. 31: Chrysalis: An Exhibition of Transformation and Renewal. New work by painter K Breedlove. 5404 Walnut St. Pittsburgh. (412) 874-4331.

ZYNKA Gallery. Mar. 2-Apr. 16: Point of Beginning. New work by painter Linda Price-Sneddon. 904 Main St. Sharpsburg. (412) 952-7370.

“Fever Dream” by Linda Price-Sneddon (ZYNKA Gallery)


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