Bantha Tea Bar welcomes Beo String Quartet Monday February 21


Looking for something different from the usual Monday, mundane routine everyone seems to be going through lately? Bantha Tea Bar is holding a pop-up string quartet concert right in the teahouse on Monday, February 21st, at 7:30 pm. 

Located in the heart of Garfield, two best friends’ dreams came into a permaculture tea bar, hosting all kinds of events and delicious teas that keep bringing people back for more. The classical performers are the Beo String Quartet group, who understand the classical quartet’s depth and versatility but revived for the 21st century.

At this performance, they will be playing  Beethoven’s op. 131, but usually, their repertoire consists of modern composers. Beo believes that one way to bring back this beautiful art form and connect with more people today is to use live and living composers. Beo organizes and creates their own works to give that sense of connection that you can see the artist who wrote it play it and their meaning behind the notes. Instead of someone playing a 200-year-old song being performed by someone who did not write it, instead, Beo is live, living, and playing their masterpieces for all.

These classical revivalists are coming and will be sure to soothe the sorrow out of your day with their contemporary sweet sounds. Bantha Tea Bar is a fascinating little gem where it almost feels as if you walked into a Star Wars Cantina, but in the background, metalcore and heavy metal blast all day. It has tables and seats for two and some for larger groups who want to hang out. Even a little cave-like nook where two benches and a table make you feel like you’re drinking tea in the desert.

Beo and Bantha on Monday at 7:30 will pair nicely together because what would be more refreshing than drinking a glass of warm Jasmine tea while the sounds of an orchestra serenade you with each sip.