Friday, January 15, 2021

Soup is good food, and my rainy day, cold weather obsession

    Local restaurants
    Pho Van

    When it gets cold, I think soup! It becomes a bit of an obsession. When roving around the city and suburbs I start to plan my meals around where I can get a great bowl of soup. The list is endless, there is no “best” but some I prefer.

    I love the new trend of noodle houses and there are quite a few different styles to choose from; Everyday Noodles, Pho Van, The Magic Noodle, and Fujiya Ramen, just to name a few

    The old school favorite I look for is Onion Soup, and The Boulevard (Greensburg/Delmont) and Pub in the Park (Swissvale), are my go-to places. Off the “beaten soup path”, I had a great bowl (well two bowls) of beef stew at Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grill as well as the split pea or navy bean soup at The Golden Goblet in Holiday Park. It’s only fair to mention the Smiling Moose on the Southside which has great soups all year.  If you love soup check out the Southside Soup Tour which is usually held in February. 

    The Boulevard
    Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille
    Fujiya Ramen

    Bitter Ends Luncheonette was Definitely a Sweet Choice!


    Jeff Rose

    Between eating at Lot 17 and getting a bunch of projects printed at Flower City Printmakers in Bloomfield, I’ve passed this little place a gazillion times but never stopped, until today. In a effort to try new places I figured today was the day. Small and earthy the atmoshere is very hippy (in the opinion of a 53 year old anyway), and comforting. Packed in tight the place was full and people waiting for seating to open. The menu is very “farm fresh”, some produce comes from a small piece of property they tend in Verona.


    I tried two dishes, a breakfast salad and a cup of soup. The salad was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Hot soup was maybe not a good choice for breakfast but it was full of flavor. The music playing was awesome but a little loud for breakfast (again I’m 53). When they take your order you need to provide your name, pretty standard, but as I walked out I heard, “have a great day Jeff”, that’d some kick ass, friendly service for sure…..

    sunny egg, braised lentils, griddled potatoes and turnips, lettuces, onions

    Scarlett runners, turnips, green beans

    After 23 years, India Garden in Monroeville closed…. and reopened in a new location!


    By Jeff Rose

    It caught me by surprise, my go-to Indian restaurant in the east closed. I knew something was up when the owners halted some planned improvements. The place was in need of some updates, and I wondered if they were getting ready to retire. Their son was just married and they had a grandson on the way. Needless to say, I was a little bummed when I stopped and saw the doors closed. The old location is being re-fitted for a Planet Fitness.

    Well, three days ago I looked over the Jonet Plazza and saw the sign, INDIA GARDEN! What a great location, squeezed between a Mexican, and Chinese restaurant it’s a little oasis of cullinary delights. It’s smaller, but all updated, new kitchen, new everything, with a bright fresh feel to it.


    I try and eat vegetarian at least once a a week and Indian Restaurants are the way to go. So welcome back old friend…..

    Lunch Buffet Mon-Fri 11:30-2, Dinner Buffet Tues & Sun – or you can order off the menu anytime. Delivery thru Door dash



    New BBQ in Monroeville


    By Jeff Rose, 9/16/2019

    I’ve been craving BBQ this week…. so I stumbled across these guys in Monroeville…. not officially open yet, but doing a tasting today. The cornbread, baked beans and Mac & cheese were as good as I’ve had, especially the cornbread. I tried two smoked meats and really enjoyed them both. The ribs, dry rub dipped (not slathered) in their Carolina mustard sauce, which has a vinegar/tomato base, was outstanding. Great BBQ takes a lot of time, seasoning of equipment etc, so i really can’t wait to taste it in about a month.
    Both owners were chefs prior at Cenacolo Restaurant, which is one of the best in Pgh. Open next week, Wednesday I believe, but stick your head in before and I bet you get a little treat.

    Big Rigs BBQ Center Rd, Monroeville


    D’s Six Pax and Dogz – Hot Dog of the Month (September ’19)


    The arrival of Fall is always an exciting time of year. The weather finds that perfect balance after summer, but before winter, school is back in session, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the arrival of D’s Six Pax and Dogz new Dog of the Month, the Deli Dog. The Deli Dog is making its debut this month at Pittsburgh’s favorite hot dog shoppe and it’s the perfect dish to complement the return of the Fall seasonal craft beers.

    The Deli Dog is officially the newest item ever placed on the D’s menu. While it is not yet quite as popular as the other Fall Dog of the Months, it has definitely earned its spot among the 12 featured monthly dogs. The Deli Dog is a famous D’s dog on a freshly steamed poppy seed bun, topped with potato salad, pickles, and bacon salt. (Veggie options are available as well).

    In a city filled with passionate football fans, Pittsburgh knows how important it is to start September off on a strong note. While almost all Pittsburghers don’t line it up between the hash marks on Sundays, you can still have a productive and meaningful September by getting hold of a Deli Dog before the end of the month.

    We’ll be doing these pieces monthly. Check back next month to see the newest creation from D’s Six Pax and Dogz!