Bitter Ends Luncheonette was Definitely a Sweet Choice!


Jeff Rose

Between eating at Lot 17 and getting a bunch of projects printed at Flower City Printmakers in Bloomfield, I’ve passed this little place a gazillion times but never stopped, until today. In a effort to try new places I figured today was the day. Small and earthy the atmoshere is very hippy (in the opinion of a 53 year old anyway), and comforting. Packed in tight the place was full and people waiting for seating to open. The menu is very “farm fresh”, some produce comes from a small piece of property they tend in Verona.


I tried two dishes, a breakfast salad and a cup of soup. The salad was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Hot soup was maybe not a good choice for breakfast but it was full of flavor. The music playing was awesome but a little loud for breakfast (again I’m 53). When they take your order you need to provide your name, pretty standard, but as I walked out I heard, “have a great day Jeff”, that’d some kick ass, friendly service for sure…..

sunny egg, braised lentils, griddled potatoes and turnips, lettuces, onions

Scarlett runners, turnips, green beans