Dry January can end with a Mocktail dinner at DiAnoia’s Eatery

Ending dry January with a non-alcoholic toast, DiAnoia’s Eatery will host a five-course mocktail dinner at 6 p.m. Sun., Jan. 30. The dinner pairs each course with a craft mocktail made with non-alcoholic Seedlip spirits, including a drink inspired by an espresso martini. Tickets are available for $85 at dianoiaseatery.com.
The mocktail dinner will be the first installment of a new communal dinner series to be held quarterly in DiAnoia’s upstairs dining room and bar, La Sala di Giulietta. Each dinner will highlight seasonal ingredients, and future events will feature wine and cocktail pairings.
“We’re looking forward to spotlighting dishes and drinks developed especially for each event,” said owner Dave Anoia. “This first dinner offers a fun twist for anyone finishing out Dry January or exploring the dry lifestyle. We’ve developed six signature drinks – and they’re not your typical mocktails. Mixed with fresh flavors like Calabrian chili, basil, cucumber and citrus, the non-alcoholic spirits give the drinks the sophisticated flavor profile that you’d expect from a traditional craft cocktail.”
One of the mocktails  – the spicy and tangy “Tutto Pepe” made with Seedlip Garden, lime, demerara and Calabrian chili – will become part of the regular cocktail menu at DiAnoia’s.
The full menu features:
Welcome Drink: “Contrafatto” with Seedlip Spiced, vanilla bean, lemon, aranciata soda
House-baked breads with assorted spreads
Mocktail pairing: “Luna Mezza Mare” with Seedlip Garden and Spiced, cucumber, lemon, basil and seltzer
Arugula sformato with a citrus salad topped with gremolata
Mocktail Pairing: “Tutto Pepe” with Seedlip Garden, Calabrian chili, lime, and demerara
Winter lasagna with beet and carrot bolognese, layered with red beet pasta and celery root bechamel
Mocktail Pairing: “De La Terra” with Seedlip Garden and Grove, carrot, celery, honey, lemon and Calabrian chili oil
Lamb two ways, featuring braised lamb shoulder and roasted lamb rib atop a mushroom risotto
Mocktail pairing: “Ponce D’Inverno” with Seedlip Grove and Spiced, pomegranate, blackberry, fennel seed, lemon and ginger
Pistachio tiramisu made with espresso-soaked ladyfingers, whipped pistachio mascarpone, cocoa powder and pistachios
Mocktail Pairing: “Giuggiola” with Seedlip Grove, espresso, fig and pistachio Orgeat, lemon, and dark chocolate
For tickets and additional details, please visit dianoiaseatery.com.