LOCALpittsburgh — Gallery Roundup July 2023


“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”  Don Miguel Ruiz

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Galleries & Exhibits

707 Penn Gallery. To Sept. 24: Seen & Heard:  Recent Acquisitions by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. New work by Joanne Bates, Tina Williams Brewer, Tara Fay Coleman, Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Vanessa German, Ashley A. Jones, Juliandra Jones, Ashanté Josey. 707 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

820 Liberty Gallery. To Sept. 24: Traveling While Black. Roger Ross Williams offers a cinematic virtual-reality experience immersing viewers in the long history of restriction of movement for black Americans and the creation of safe spaces in our communities. 820 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

Andy Warhol Museum. To Sept. 25: The Velvet Underground & Nico: Scepter Studio Sessions. New music and film of the 1960s trendsetting rock band with Steve Schapiro photographs from the Exploding Plastic Inevitable multisensory, multimedia events organized by Andy Warhol in 1966-67. To June 19: The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: A Selection of Works from 2022. 117 Sandusky St. Pittsburgh. (412) 237-8300.

“Zen Mementos” by Elizabeth Asche Douglas (707 Penn Gallery)

Art & Soul Café. July 1-31: Art on the Ave. New work by painter Dï. 1125 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 610-4228.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. To Sept. 9:  Associated Artists of Pittsburgh New Member Exhibition. At Brew House Association. 711 S. 21st St. Pittsburgh. (412) 212-6650.

Atithi Studios. To July 23:  A Parallel World. New work by Trinidad-born painter Ulric Joseph. 1020 N. Canal Street, Sharpsburg. (412) 301-5374.

“Too Much Information” by Tim Engelhardt (Borelli Cellars)

August Wilson African American Cultural Center. To Sept. 1:  Memories & Inspiration: The Kerry and C. Betty Davis Collection of African American Art. Featuring 67 drawings, paintings, prints, and sculpture by artists including Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Ernest T. Crichlow, Sam Gilliam, Loïs Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Gordon Parks, Alma Thomas. To Aug. 31: Frame of Reference: Jo-Anne Bates. New work by painter/printmaker Jo-Anne Bates. On permanent exhibit:  August Wilson, The Writer’s Landscape. 980 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 339-1011.

Backyard at 8th & Penn. July 1-Sept. 4:  Architects of Air: Daedalum. UK-based Architects of Air present an immersive walk-in sculpture known as a “luminarium” with 17 egg-shaped domes. 149 8th St. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

Borelli Cellars. July 1-31: Tim Engelhardt:  Solo Exhibit. New work by painter Tim Engelhardt. 1500 Washington Rd. Mt. Lebanon. (412) 670-2868.

“Intersections” l-r, clockwise: Jared Quinteros, Jannick Wildberg, Giovanna Ferrari, Timothy Kelley, Lauren P. Lampe (Spinning Plate Gallery)

BoxHeart Gallery. To July 7:  Putting Down Roots. New work by painter Erika Stearly; opening reception June 10, 5-7 p.m. 4523 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 687-8858.

Brew House Association. To Sept. 9:  Associated Artists of Pittsburgh New Member Exhibition. New work by Cheryl Capezzuti, Casey Connelly, Molly S. Davis, Meris Drew, Jessica Peña Heberle, Angie Jennings, Ulric Joseph, La Verne Kemp, Ling-lin Ku, LUCA, Erin Mallea, Natalie Miczikus, Josie Norton, Leana R. “Quade”, Nicholas Sardo. 711 S. 21st St. Pittsburgh. (412) 212-6650.

Carlow University Art Gallery. To Oct. 31: Flight Plans. New work by Njaimeh Njie. University Commons, 2nd floor, 3333 Fifth Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 578-6000.

Carnegie Museum of Art. To Aug. 27: Lyndon Barrois Jr.: Rosette. New work by multimedia artist Lyndon Barrois, Jr. To Sept. 24:  Joan Brown. Retrospective of San Francisco painter Joan Brown (1938-1990). 4400 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 622-3131.

“Welcome to the Desert” by Ron Copeland (CURIO Gallery)

Concept Art Gallery.  July 5-29: Picture a Free World. Work by 60+ artists in prison and 30 artists in solidarity spans cross stitch, paintings, sculpture, photographs; opening reception July 7, 4-9 p.m; vocal performance by Amachi Ambassadors July 8, 2 p.m. To July 22:  Natalie Moffitt: Out of Place. New work by painter Natalie Moffitt. July 8-Aug. 26:  Tim Kennedy:  Tabula Rasa. New work by painter Tim Kennedy; opening reception July 8, 1-4 p.m. 1031 S. Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 242-9200.

Contemporary Craft. To Aug. 19:  Self. New work by fiber artists Erika Diamond and matt lambert. 5645 Butler St. Pittsburgh. To Oct. 6:  James Simon: A Life of Making. An exhibit exploring the artistic diversity of Uptown sculptor, luthier and painter James Simon, including a simulated violin-making studio, early ceramic works, mosaics and new creations. BNY Mellon Satellite Gallery, 500 Grant St. Pittsburgh. (412) 261-7003.

Cranberry Artists Network. July 12-Aug. 24: Martinis with Monet; opening reception July 12, 7-9 p.m. Township Municipal Building. 2525 Rochester Road, Cranberry Township. (724) 728-4658.

CURIO.  To July 22:  Ron Copeland: Solo Exhibit. New work by mixed media artist Ron Copeland. July 25-Aug. 31: Birds and Broken Landscapes. New work by painter Michael McDevitt; opening reception Aug. 12, 5-8 p.m. 113 North Main Street, Zelienople. (724) 473-0223.

“Assume the Risk” by Asim Waqif (Mattress Factory)

The Frick Art Museum. To Oct. 1:  From Stage to Page: 400 Years of Shakespeare in Print. An exhibit tracing the history of the famed First Folio collection of William Shakespeare plays. To Feb. 4, 2024: Pittsburgh and the Great Migration: Black Mobility and the Automobile. An exhibit exploring the role of automobile ownership and the early 20th-century migration of Black Americans fleeing racism in the U.S. South. 7227 Reynolds St. Pittsburgh (412) 371-0600.

Heinz History Center. To Aug. 13:  The Negro Motorist Green Book. Multimedia exhibit of artifacts, posters, photos, film from the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service highlighting the innovative travel book published by Victor Green from 1936-1967 to help Black Americans navigate safely across the U.S. Features stunning photography of Black Pittsburghers during the 1930s-1960s, courtesy of the History Center’s Detre Library & Archives and the Charles “Teenie” Harris Archive at the Carnegie Museum of Art. 1212 Smallman St. Pittsburgh. (412) 454-6000.

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination. To July 7: Cut and Paste. Collage art/group exhibition by 49 local, regional, national artists; closing reception July 7, 7-9 p.m. with music by MicroPlastix. 5006 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh. (412) 924-0634.

James Gallery. To July 7: Within and Without: The Paintings of Micheal Madigan, solo show by painter Micheal Madigan; Cluster, paintings by Petra Fallaux, Catharine Fichtner, Ben Johnson, Virginia Kistler, Janice Lessman-Moss, Susan Morosky, Kenny Nguyen, Chuck Olson, Susan Palmisano, Ken Schiano, Carrie Seid, Scott Turri, David Wallace. 413 S. Main St. Pittsburgh. (412) 922-9800.

“Quench” by Carrie Seid (James Gallery)

Ketchup City Creative. To July 2: Jacki Temple Solo Show. New work by painter Jacki Temple. 612 Main St. Sharpsburg. (412) 593-4386.

Manchester Craftsmens Guild. July 6 (6-8 p.m.):  Beneficial Greens. Photograms workshop with photogapher Sue Abramson. 1815 Metropolitan St. Pittsburgh. (412) 322-1773.

Manos Gallery. July 8-29:  Pittsburgh Society of Artists: Artist’s Choice Exhibition. New work by 49 artists; opening reception July 8, 6-8 p.m.; closing reception July 29, 6-8 p.m. 320 E. 5th Ave. Tarentum. (484) 529-1597.

“Heraldry” by Dï (Art & Soul Café)

Mattress Factory. To Dec. 30:  The Museum Collects Itself by Lenka Clayton & Phillip Andrew Lewis; Do this while I wait by Lydia Rosenberg; As Seen From the Surface by Katie Bullock – at Monterey Annex, 1414 Monterey St. Pittsburgh. To Fall 2023: HalfDream: Another Room. New solo exhibit by Hong Kong and US-based artist Doreen Chan in which users around the world can describe their dreams, add them to a database which matches common dreams of participants and connect to “dreammates”. To May 19, 2024:  As Below, So Above. Artist-in-residence Shohei Katayama explores the space between light and dark, life and death, beauty and danger, nature and man. To Sept. 1, 2024:  Assume the Risk by Delhi, India installation artist Asim Waqif. 516 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh. (412) 231-3169.

Miller ICA. July 29-Sept. 3: 109th Annual Exhibition, Transcendental Arrangements. Artistic practices that engage with the magical, spiritual, supernatural qualities within everyday encounters, serendipitous connections, ubiquitous symbols in our daily lives; opening reception July 28, 6-8 p.m. Carnegie Mellon University Purnell Center for the Arts, 5000 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 268-3618.

“A Hero’s Journey” by Ulric Joseph (Atithi Studios)

Nafasi on Centre. By appointment.  Still Standing. Photography by Hannah Price. 2145 Centre Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 765-1820.

Pedantic Apartment. July 7 (6 p.m.): closing open house of the Pedantic Summer 2023 Cohort featuring comic book artist Chad Bilyeau. 5228 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh.

Phipps Conservatory. To July 30:  Flowers Meet Fashion: Inspired by Billy Porter. Six professional fashion designers, costumers and students from Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh CAPA High School blend fashion and horticultural displays inspired by Pittsburgh-born actor Billy Porter. One Schenley Park, Pittsburgh. (412) 622-6914.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. July 1-Oct. 29: Unearthed: EcoArt in the Landscape. Exhibition of artworks created using found objects, repurposed materials otherwise heading to a landfill, and/or natural materials from the Allegheny Plateau ecoregion features Dino Deluliis, Jan Loney, Duncan MacDiarmid, Mary B. Mason, Sarah Simmons, artist collective La Vispera, Sierra Weir. July 8-Oct. 29:  Perennially Green. New work by sculptor Michelle Stitzlein. 799 Pinkerton Run Road, Pittsburgh. (412) 444-4464.

“Chad in Amsterdam-Number 3” by Chad Bilyeau (Pendatic Apartments)

Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media. To July 22:  I’m Fine. Masks by 1,500 artists curated by Carrie Breschi and Maureen Joyce spotlighting the statewide I’m Fine Sculpting Mental Health Awareness through Art project. 1047 Shady Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 361-0873.

Pittsburgh Glass Center. To July 30: Undefined. New work by top 3 finalists (MiNHi England, John Moran, John Sharvin) from Season 3 of the Netflix series Blown Away. 5472 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 365-2145.

Silver Eye Center For Photography. To July 28: Fellowship 23. New work by photographers Samantha Box, Trent Bozeman, André Ramos-Woodard, Dominick McDuffie, Terrell Halsey, Karen Lue; artist talk July 13, 6-7 p.m. (Trent Bozeman, André Ramos-Woodard). 4808 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 431-1810.

SPACE. To July 30: Taking Up Space. Juried Visual Art Exhibition featuring 29 artists. 812 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 325-7723.

“Offalizing to Amuse the Primordial Pouch” by Kenneth Nicholson (UnSmoke Systems Artspace)

Spinning Plate Gallery. July 7-30: Intersections. New work by painters Giovanna Ferrari, Timothy Kelley, Lauren P. Lampe, Jared Quinteros, Jannick Wildberg; opening reception July 7, 6-8 p.m. 5821 Baum Blvd. Pittsburgh. (412) 592-6418.

Sweetwater Center for the Arts. To July 21: WaterWorks. New work by members of Pittsburgh Watercolor Society. 200 Broad St. Sewickley. (412) 741-4405.

UnSmoke Systems Artspace. July 8-31:  Wet Squelching on the Dancefloor. New work by painter Kenneth Nicholson; opening reception July 8, 6-9 p.m. 1137 Braddock Ave. Braddock.

VaultArt Studio. July 7-31: Fine to Be Here: Six Years of VaultArt Studio. New work by Heikeem Johnson, Edith Sullivan, Sean Regis Traynor, Lee Kennedy, Kim Bond, Darian Johnson, Charlie Wallace, others. 5100 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 404-2895.

“Mirror #1, 2019” by Samantha Box (Silver Eye Center for Photography)

Westmoreland Museum of American Art. To Sept. 17: Block Party: Community and Celebration in American Art. Exhibit features the World War I innovation of the urban “block party” as a lens to view ideas on belonging, activism and mutual solidarity in historical and contemporary American art. 221 N. Main St. Greensburg. (724) 837-1500.

Wood Street Galleries. To Aug. 27: Vantage Points: Present Shock and Vanishing Point 3:1 #3. Multimedia exhibit by UVA (United Visual Artists), a London based collective integrating new technologies with traditional media such as sculpture, performance and site-specific installation. 601 Wood St. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

ZYNKA Gallery. To July 9: Return to Eden. New work by painter Cara Livorio. July 15-Sept. 2: Expanses Explored. New work by painters Stephanie Armbruster and Kevin Mack; opening reception July 15, 5-8 p.m. 904 Main St. Sharpsburg. (412) 952-7370.

“Western Cloud Forest” by Stephanie Armbruster (ZYNKA Gallery)