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A New York City native, Karon originally came to Pittsburgh to complete his B.S. in Information Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon, Karon worked for Time Warner Inc back in New York as a Cybersecurity Analyst. The job provided wonderful pay, incredible benefits and a great community of employees to work with. However, he was still unhappy because he knew what his real life's mission was: helping others through fitness. Karon's passion for fitness began after he completed the challenging Insanity program created by ShaunT. It awoke a dormant fitness enthusiast that would shape the next 4 years of his life. Fast forward to present day, Karon has a M.S. in Health and Physical Activity from the University of Pittsburgh and took a leap of faith to pursue his dreams. Post graduation, Karon is a personal trainer, online fitness coach, professional dancer and group exercise instructor living the life he loves. Instagram: CoachKronic Facebook: CoachKronic SoundCloud: CoachKronic

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