LOCALpittsburgh — Gallery Roundup October 2022


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas


HOW OFTEN have you seen an intriguing work of art that makes you wish you could talk to the artist and find out what they see in that work?

October features four chances to personally listen to an artist talk about their art and how they make it. And what they might have wanted you to see.

•  Oct. 11, 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh (online/Zoom)
Jim Arendt: Behind the Mask

Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Gallery Director at Coastal Carolina University, Jim Arendt talks about the current Behind the Mask exhibit exploring our hidden natures through artwork.

•  Oct. 15, 2:00 p.m. Concept Art Gallery
Sandra Bacchi: Watermelons Are Not Strawberries

Photographer Sandra Bacchi is in conversation with Sarah Kennel, Aaron Siskind Curator of Photography at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

•  Oct. 18, 6:00-7:30 p.m. ZYNKA Gallery
Patricia Bellan-Gillen: words and other weapons

Presented by The Salon Pittsburgh, painter Patricia Bellan-Gillen discusses her current ZYNKA Gallery exhibit words and other weapons.

•  Oct. 21, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Pittsburgh Glass Center
Blown Away Top 3: Minhi Su England, John Moran, John Sharvin

The top three contestants from Season 3 of Netflix’ Blown Away reality glassblowing series present a live demo of their skills in action, working together creating hot glass art in a collaborative rather than competitive environment.

Minhi Su England of “Blown Away”

Galleries & Exhibits

707 Gallery. To Nov. 20: USE WHAT YOU GOT. Multimedia artist atiya jones offers a solo exhibition from her Self Avoidance Series. 707 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

820 Liberty Avenue. To Jan. 8, 2023: Black on Black Love. BOOM Concepts presents work by Norman Brown, Sakony Burton, Dominick Mcduffie, KINSELLAND, Camerin “Camo” Nesbit, atiya jones, Staycee Pearl, Junyetta Seale, Marce’ Nixon Washington. 820 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

Ali Baba Restaurant. To Oct. 31: 14 new paintings by Turkish artist Bengü Çetinkale. 404 S. Craig St. Pittsburgh. (412) 682-2829.

Andy Warhol Museum. To Feb. 20, 2023: Andy Warhol’s Social Network: Interview, Television and Portraits examines intersections between Warhol’s longest running project, Interview magazine; his ventures in television with his original series Fashion, Warhol TV, and Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes; his portrait commissions of the 1970s and ’80s. 117 Sandusky St. Pittsburgh. (412) 237-8300.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. To Nov. 5: Plain Silk, Uncarved Wood, an exhibit of Pittsburgh Asian American artists — Anny Chen, Eriko Hattori, Sarah Kim, Julie Lee, Karen Lue, Paul Peng, Imin Yeh; opening reception Sept. 10, 4-7 p.m. 100 43rd St. Pittsburgh (412) 361-1370.

“The Space Inbetween” by Zeal Eva (Sweetwater Center for the Arts)

Atithi Studios. Oct. 22-Nov. 12: Above and Below Water. New paintings by Giovanna Ferrari; opening reception Oct. 22, 6-10 p.m. 1020 N. Canal Street, Sharpsburg.

August Wilson African American Cultural Center. To Jan. 29, 2023: Radio Golf, Ricardo iamuuri Robinson presents an sound installtion ode to August Wilson’s final work of art (Radio Golf). Oct. 22-Jan. 29, 2023: OPTICVOICES: Mama’s Boys. Interactive photography by Emmai Alaquiva. On permanent exhibit: August Wilson, The Writer’s Landscape. 980 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 339-1011.

BoxHeart Gallery. To Nov. 4: With Eyes of Stone and Water, Curator Rafael Migoyo presents works by Cuban collective Del Caimán (Eliseo Valdés Erustes, Evelio Toledo Quesada, Orlando Rodríguez Barea, Jorge Hidalgo Pimentel, Daniel Ortega Beltrán, Belkis Martin Mateo, Isolina Limonata Rodriguez, and Nadia García Porras); reception Oct. 1, 5-7 p.m. 4523 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 687-8858.

Brew House Association. To Oct. 22: FULL SPECTRUM: Maximum Creativity. Juried exhibition organized by Society of Sculptors, Pittsburgh. 711 South 21st St. Pittsburgh. (412) 212-6650.

Carnegie Museum of Art. To Apr. 2, 2023: 58th Carnegie International: Is it morning for you yet?. Historical works from the collections of international institutions, estates, and artists alongside new commissions and recent works by contemporary artists. 4400 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 622-3131. 

“Spirit Moon” by Margot Dermody (UnDiscovered Art Gallery)

Christine Frechard Gallery. Oct. 8-Nov. 10: Christine Swann: Broken Vessels; Patrick Lee: Day Dreaming; opening reception Oct. 8, 4-7 p.m. 5126 Butler St. Pittsburgh. (724) 766-0104.

Concept Art Gallery. To Oct. 15: Watermelons Are Not Strawberries. New photography by Sandra Bacchi. 1031 S. Braddock Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 242-9200.

Contemporary Craft. To Mar. 18, 2023; Transformation 11: Contemporary Works in Glass. 17 contemporary glass artists; opening reception Sept. 9, 5:30-8 p.m. 5645 Butler St. Pittsburgh. (412) 261-7003.

Double Dog Studios. Oct. 8-29: The Pittsburgh Group. New works by Jo-Anne Bates, Alexis Dillon, Adrienne Heinrich, Ellen Chisdes Neuberg, Jane Ogren, Debra Platt, Susan Pollins, Sheila Cuellar-Shaffer, Phiris Kathryn Sickels, Kathleen Cochran Zimbicki; opening reception Oct. 8, 4-7 p.m. 317 Second Ave. Carnegie, PA. (412) 343-5584.

Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh. To Nov. 2 at Latrobe Art Center: Behind the Mask: Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh. P.O. Box 9211, Pittsburgh PA 15224. fiberartspgh@gmail.com.

The Frick Art Museum. Oct. 15-Jan. 8, 2023: American Perspectives: Stories from the American Folk Art Museum Collection. Paintings, sculpture, other objects demonstrating the diversity of American life and experiences. To Oct. 16: Murinzi. Works by Rwanda-based multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer Cedric Mizero. 7227 Reynolds St. Pittsburgh (412) 371-0600.

Heinz History Center. To Jan. 8, 2023:   Pittsburgh’s John Kane: The Life & Art of an American Workman. 37 original works of art by Scottish-born Pittsburgh painter John Kane. 1212 Smallman St. Pittsburgh. (412) 454-6000.

“Homer City” by Alexis Dillon (Double Dog Studios)

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination. To Nov. 4: Carolyn Wenning: Knowing The Edge & Chad Hurley: Works. New paintings by Carloyn Wenning and Chad Hurley. 5006 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh. (412) 924-0634.

James Gallery. Oct. 13-Dec. 22 (opening reception Oct. 13, 5-8 p.m.): In the Moment, solo show by painter Joyce Werwie Perry; Different Strokes, paintings by Judith Kruger, Paul Rosenblatt, Micheal Madigan, Katy Mixon, Scott Sandell, Ken Schiano, Chuck Olson, Michael Smithhammer, Susan Palmisano, Joyce Werwie Perry. 413 S. Main St. Pittsburgh. (412) 922-9800.

Johno’s Art Studio. To Oct. 31: Art-A-Thon, new works by painters Johno Prascak, Maria Desimone Prascak, jeweler Joanie DeSimone. 1705 Arlington Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 481-4208.

Ketchup City Creative. Oct. 7-9: Portraits from the Pavement. Solo show by Jaime Bird. Oct. 14-16: Beautifully Bizarre:Art Show works by Bertrand, Daley, Schiavone. Oct. 21-22: Built in the Burgh: Architectural Illustrations by Shane Henderson. 612 Main St. Sharpsburg. (412) 593-4386.

Latrobe Art Center. To Nov. 2: Behind the Mask: Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh. 819 Ligonier St. Latrobe. (724) 537-7011.

Lohr Gallery. To Oct. 15: Ashanté Josey: Free Mind, A Collection of Portraits. 725 Wood St. Wilkinsburg. (412) 727-7855.

Lutheran Campus Ministry. To Oct. 9: Truth Be Told: An Art Exhibit Exploring Race. 4515 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 682-6886.

Manos Gallery. Oct. 8, 12-4 p.m.: Things We Love about Pittsburgh. 320 E. 5th Ave. Tarentum. (484) 529-1597.

Mattress Factory. To Dec. 30: Shrine, features new works by Naomi Chambers, Renee Cox, Mary Martin, LaKeisha Wolf, Alisha B. Wormsley, sarah huny young. 516 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh. (412) 231-3169.

“Take Me to Loveland” by Sakony Burton (820 Liberty Avenue)

Pittsburgh Center for Arts & Media. To Nov. 19: Back & Forth – Work from Audra Clayton, Taylor Mezo, Liz Wells, & Myah Merhaut Werkmeister; To Nov. 19: Path of The Flame – Work by Dan Tomcik, Megan Burke, & Julia Castor. 1047 Shady Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 361-0873.

Pittsburgh Glass Center. Oct. 7-Jan 22, 2023: Tg: Transitions in Kiln-Glass. New works by glass artists from 15 countries presented by Bullseye Projects. 5472 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 365-2145.

Redfishbowl Studios. Gathering of the FunGuys: The New Occurrence. Collaborative show between Redfishbowl Artists and multi-media artist John Shook featuring the FunGuy Wall Statue painted by over 20 artists. 4327 Butler St. #200, Pittsburgh. (724) 681-8965.

SPACE. To Oct. 23: The Pittsburgh Left. New art by 11 Pittssburgh artists explore the city and how it has influenced their work. 812 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 325-7723.

Sweetwater Center for the Arts. To Oct. 28: pip.pit.pith: Mavuno 2022 Exhibition. New works by Petra Floyd, Dominick McDuffie, Zeal Eva, Darrin Milliner, Evangeline Mensah-Agyekum. Sept. 17 (noon-5 p.m.): 2022 Mavuno Festival. 200 Broad St. Sewickley. (412) 741-4405.

“Ballerina Cat” by Wendy Davis (VaultArt Studio)

UnDiscovered Art Gallery. Oct. 9 (noon- 400 p.m.): Creation Unfolding featuring Margot Dermody, Alexis Dillon, Vince Ornato, Charlie Patterson, Julie Shymansky, Susan Wagner. 319 S. Trenton Ave. Pittsburgh.

Union Project. Fridays/Saturdays in October: Open Studio for ceramics – registration. 801 N. Negley Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 363-4550.

University Art Gallery. To Dec. 9: Greer Lankton: Science Fictions. Sculptures and drawings from the Mattress Factory’s Greer Lankton Archive. Oct. 21-Dec. 9: Andrey Avinoff: Fantastic Visions. An exhibit exploring the life and art of Andrey Avinoff (1884-1949), émigré artist, scientist, professor and museum director in Pittsburgh. Frick Fine Arts Building, 650 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh. (412) 648-2400.

UnSmoke Systems Artspace. To Oct. 22: Run of the Mill. New paintings by Jason LaCroix and Matthew Van Asselt. 1137 Braddock Ave. Braddock, PA.

VaultArt Studio. Oct. 7 (7-10 p.m.): Cats and Dogs. New paintings on food by Maggie Kambic, Tafara Bundridge, Charlie Wallace, Wendy Davis, Edith Sullivan, Darian Johnson, Sarah Harris, others. 5100 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh. (412) 404-2895.

Westmoreland Museum of American Art. Oct. 16-Feb. 15, 2023: Gatecrashers: The Rise of the Self-Taught Artist in America. 60 works from leading collections across the country tell the story of Outsider Artists like John Kane, Grandma Moses, Horace Pippin, Josephine Joy, Victor Gatto, others. Forest of Symbols. Artists from the 19th-century European Symbolism movement. Gavin Benjamin: Break Down and Let It All Out. New photography by multimedia artist Gavin Benjamin. 221 N. Main St. Greensburg. (724) 837-1500.

Wood Street Galleries. To Nov. 20: Supply and Demand. Performative, light, sound installations by Ian Brill. 601 Wood St. Pittsburgh. (412) 456-6666.

Zynka Gallery. To Oct. 23: words and other weapons, new works by painter Patricia Bellan-Gillen; Oct. 29-Dec. 18; Halftime at the Apocalypse paper, metal and wood creations by Rick Bach; opening reception Oct. 29, 5-8 p.m. 904 Main St. Sharpsburg. (412) 952-7370.

“Cybsere, Jeannette, PA” by Gavin Benjamin (Westmoreland Museum of American Art)