HCUAP and AIR Teaming Up for Pop Up Show to Feature Urban Artists


The Artists Image Resources (AIR) is hosting the Hemispheric Conversations Urban Art Project (HCUAP) Pop UP Exhibit this Friday, May 10 at 518 Foreland Street from 6:00 to 9:00. The gallery show features the work of international, national, and local artists with a focus on urban art. According to HCUAP, “Urban art is defined broadly but includes street art, graffiti, photography, and multi-media installations using the urban as inspiration and theme.” The show will display the works of emerging and established artists along with those from an open call.  The opening event will have live music from local hip-hop artists, such as Livefromthecity, Black and Mild Child, Jordan Montgomery, Brittney Chantele, and Lyn Starr, snacks and alcoholic beverages will also be available, (BYOB).

One of HCUAP’s lead organizers, Caitlin Bruce, hopes the show will be an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Urban Art. “Historically, urban art was a way for folks to express themselves by using the city as a canvas to communicate, which is extremely powerful for youth activism.” While the show will be entertaining, it is important to understand that there is also an educational aspect as well. “Urban art has often been tied to a stigma related towards gang activity, but there is actually a cultural aspect,” said Bruce when asked about what she hopes people take away from the show.

Artist and Carnegie Mellon University graduate, Max Emiliano Gonzales, will be curating the show. Gonzales, “has lectured, taught and run workshops at many locations including The University of Pittsburgh, Winchester Thurston High School, Assemble Pgh, Hope Academy, The Environmental Charter School, and Youth Places (North Side, McKeesport, Pleasant Ridge, and Homewood),” according to his bio. The gallery will have the work of many local artists discovered through Gonzales as well as international artists found through Bruce’s research. For any details about the show or HCUAP in general, checkout their website: https://hcuap.com

HCUAP will also host two more events on Saturday, May 11.

Carrie Furnaces Community Paint Day, Carrie Furnaces Boulevard, Rankin, PA. 1:00-4:00

Local artists and guest artists (Bel2 from Chicago, Victor Ayala Kart from León Guanajuato) will be completing their new mural at the Carrie Furnaces. Meet the artist, see live painting, and enter for a chance to win a graffiti coloring book.

Millvale Music Festival Mural Unveiling, Grant Street, Millvale, PA. 7:00

HCUAP local and guest artists will be unveiling their collaborative mural during the Millvale Music Festival. Come meet them and learn about urban art.