#LOCALartIs: David Kelly


David Kelly is a Pittsburgh-based picture taker capturing vibrant moments throughout his career behind the lens. His very notable, and vibrant style has caught the attention of various publications, including LOCALpittsburgh, but that’s not what makes David, David.

Aaron Gwin performs during the filming of Steepest Street in Pittsburgh, USA on November 18, 2015

His adventurous leanings have led to him covering Red Bull, Motocross, and various excitable lifestyle projects. He partnered with Audi and several Red Bull athletes to tackle the steepest residential hill in the United States, Canton Ave.

Mattias Ekstrom preforms duing the filming of Steepest Street in Pittsburgh, USA November 17, 2015

Kelly is a wrestler, dirt bike rider, skydiver, rugby player, boat aficionado, motorcycle enthusiast, and other things I probably have no idea about…Knitting?

Yeah, knitting is boss.

For more information on David Kelly, his work, and his hijinks, visit him online.