Spring Cleaning: The Spinning Plate Gallery is Selling Works by Michel Tsouris


May is that month where it is time to stop procrastinating and start your spring cleaning. Like all of us, the Spinning Plate Gallery decided to participate in this seasonal cleansing to create more space for future works of art. “My Studio is burgeoning with paintings,” said artist Michel Tsouris. “They want new homes, and I need to clear the space for whatever is percolating and needs to come next. Hope you will help me make that happen.” Throughout May, the Spinning Plate Gallery is selling Tsouris’ art to the public. This is a great opportunity for art admirers to switch up their walls at home. Tsouris’ pieces consist a wide range of mediums and subject matter relevant in our lives.

This sale offers many pieces from recent shows such as, the Isolation Series, Pittsburgh icons, and the Exceptional Women Series, in addition to various paintings of birds, cats, dogs, and other animals. Each series covers a wide range of themes that is personal to both the artist and the viewer together. Whether you are looking to enrich your home with a portrait of an empowered woman, a grotesque artistic reflection of quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic, a local hero, or simply a painting of your favorite animal, Tsouris has all of the latest attractions ready for you.

The sale will begin on its hanging day May 1 from 3:00-6:00 and run from the rest of the month every day, besides Sundays and May 2 for Greek Easter, from 12:00-6:00. Interested buyers may drop by, drive-by, or make an appointment with Tsouris at michel@whidbey.comor 831-809-9307. Please call or text first!