The Spinning Plate Gallery to Host “Re Figuring Our Selves,” Gallery Exhibit

“Scar” Artist Dafna Rehavia

With the 2019 Arts Festival coming to an end many art lovers will be on the lookout for other opportunities to seek other works by local artists. Fortunately, The Spinning Plate Gallery is hosting the “Re Figuring Our Selves,” show on June 21 from 6:00-9:00. The show will display the work of 11 local artists looking to, “explore the figure surface and interior, the beauty of the moment, scars of Memory, the heat of desire, and the rising and falling of our selves in this bodily incarnation.” In addition to this exploring, the artists hope to answer the questions, “what it feels like,  what it means, and what traces it leaves behind?”

Featured artist and owner of The Spinning Plate Gallery, Michel Demetria Tsouris, was very pleased to notice when laying out the exhibit how relatable and evocative the pieces are. “We use the figure in art to speak about where we have been, physically emotionally psychologically, because we are the figure, the center of our own universe, so we all go through the range of life’s experiences but with very different effects on each of us. I was hoping to see that range expressed the variety of works that would be included in the show,” said Tsouris when asked about the upcoming show. The gallery will focus on a diverse approach to, “Re Figuring Our Selves,” since the artists where only given the title and no additional details on how to craft their work for the show.

The exhibit will display a wide range of diversity in the featured artwork. This includes work from Paula Garrick Klein, who has made a career with her artwork focusing on self-portraits of people from her own generation as aging “can bring lose.” Stephen Grebinski, whose self-portraits “negotiates the ambivalence and distance of gay digital culture.” Constance Merriman, who addresses topics in her work that have engaged her for years, such as politics, man and the natural world, myth, and morality. Also, Suzanne Werder, who according to her artist statement, “seeks to give voice to silenced people by creating ways of seeing and listening to them.” This is a preview of just some of the 11 featured artists at the Spinning Plate Gallery. The others will have their own spin on, “Re Figuring Our Selves,” through a variety of mediums. “No one will come to view this show and leave without being affected by work, it speaks to that place we ask art to speak to that place inside of us that needs a nudge from time to time to wake us up to ask ourselves the big questions,” said Tsouris about what to take away from the show.