Never Forget the Most Important Meal of the Day – Pie.


Written by Stacy Skiavo YinzHungry412

We’ve all grown up hearing rules like “wait 30 minutes after you eat before swimming” or “always wear clean underwear,” but now it’s time to break the rules and have some dessert for breakfast!

Where can you become this rule breaker? – Pie for Breakfast.

Nestled along the corner of North Craig Street, Pie for Breakfast is a corky little spot where you can brunch or sit at the counter to grab a slice of pie and a cup of coffee.

I snagged a stool at the counter and scanned the menu. As I perused, I noticed little touches of the restaurant’s personality – the cartoon cow creamer, mirrors scattered along the walls of different shapes and sizes and a cut-out of Baby Yoda staring right back at me beside the drink menu.

I was in the mood for a classic – sunny-side-up eggs, potatoes, toast, and bacon. Each egg dish comes with buttered salt-rising toast and the option of grits or potatoes. I paired my classic breakfast with a creamy chai latte that pepped up my Sunday morning.

I cracked open the yolks and started mixing and stacking every item on my plate. The Thoma Meat Market bacon was the best of both worlds – crispy, thick and fatty.

By the time my plate was clean, I was pretty full, but you can’t go to a place called Pie for Breakfast without trying the pie. That would be comparable to going to a BBQ joint and only ordering a salad.

Since I was already riding the bacon train, I selected the maple bacon pie. The pie was similar to their famous vinegar pie, but with a maple flavor and crushed up bacon bits all throughout the slice. The taste reminded me of chocolate pancakes and bacon – here I come second breakfast.

If a slice isn’t enough and you want the whole pie, they take orders with a 48-hour notice and also give the option to order carry-out at the counter. The menu is ever-changing with new pie, quiche, and omelet options, so you never know what they might be cooking up next.

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Hey Yinz Guys!……My name is Stacy or aka YinzHungry412. I’m a native Pittsburgher with a love for my city, thirst for adventure and a hunger for tacos. Some of my favorite spots around the Burgh are Dianoia’s Eatery, Leaf and Bean, Baby Loves Tacos and stalking the Blue Sparrow bus around the city.  If I’m not scoping out the latest restaurant, you’ll find me at a Pirate game, rocking out to a show at Mr. Smalls or attempting to complete my Pittsburgh Brew Tour Guide.